• Dubourdieu Partners With André Courrèges To Launch Designer Boat At Cannes

Carmakers partnering with fashion design houses isn’t a new thing. Motorcycle brands have also done the same at one point or another. But boat manufacturers rarely venture into these kinds of partnerships and when do, it’s almost always of the one-off variety. On that note, that’s exactly what French manufacturer Dubourdieu is doing after announcing a partnership with fashion designer André Courrèges to create a one-off boat called “White Ocean.”

The full scope of details surrounding White Ocean has yet to be revealed, but Dubourdieu has given us enough information to give us an idea of what to expect. According to the French custom boat builder, White Ocean’s design will inspired by one of those classic New England picnic boats. At least we can rule out any sort of funkiness with the design. The boat will have its share of top-grade materials, highlighted by teak decks, mahogany cabinetry, and bespoke towels, crew uniforms and beach bags, all of which will carry the unmistakable logo of the Courrèges fashion brand.

That’s as much information as Dubourdieu has told us, which means that details on the engine, top speed, and if Duboourdieu decides to sell it, price, are all expected to be revealed closer to the boat’s launch at the 2015 Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2015.

Knowing as much as I do about Dubourdieu - the company is one of France’s oldest boat builders and is actually celebrating its 210th anniversary in 2015 - I expect it to unveil a new one-off boat that will imbibe all the wonderful characteristics of the company. That’s the kind of cache and trust you earn for doing something as long as Dubourdieu has in building custom boats.

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Why it matters

For as long as it’s been around - and it’s been a really long time - Dubourdieu has earned a reputation for being one of France’s foremost authorities in custom boat production.

You can even throw the “pioneer” word at the company and nobody would blink an eyelash trying to dispute that. I’m not exactly sure if it’s a product of having stayed in the game for as long as it has, but Dubourdieu’s partnership with fashion designer André Courrèges is further proof that the former has found ways to reinvent itself and stay relevant despite the years under its eyes.

This project with Courrèges should be another feather in the cap for Dubourdieu and we’ll all be witnesses to what it’s still able to pull off when given the right amount of motivation to step up and showcase the qualities that has made it relevant for so long.

I have high expectations for White Ocean if it hasn’t been made obvious enough. The few details that I’ve heard shows a promising a design, but until I see the boat in all its finished glory, complete with all the pertinent information about it, I’m reserving my judgment on it - for now.

It shouldn’t take too long for Dubourdieu to unveil more details about White Ocean. But right now, it’s probably best not to spoil the surprise and instead wait for the Cannes Yachting Festival to arrive so that we can all have a nice long look at the custom one-off.

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