Waterskiing legend and five-time World Jump champion Freddy “The Nightmare” Krueger - not to be confused with the guy who appears in our nightmares - has set a new skifly world record after successfully jumping more than 300 feet, breaking the previous record of 299 feet that ws set back in 2000. More impressively, Krueger managed to pull this off not just once, but twice, hitting 312 feet during a practice run last August 7, 2015 before following it up with a jump of 304 feet during the actual performance the next day.

For a little perspective on the enormity of Krueger’s jump, his two jumps were each longer than an actual football field from the start of one end zone all the way to the other. Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records were on hand to see both jumps to make sure that they were completely legitimate.

They were and with these two jumps now firmly established in the record books, Krueger now has another addition to the laundry list of accomplishments he has achieved in his long and illustrious career. I don’t know how this ranks compared to his world record for long distance waterski jumping or his five World Jump titles, or his 11 Masters Jump championships, but I’ll venture a guess that it’s somewhere in the middle of it.

Of course, Krueger didn’t set the record all by his lonesome. It only feels right to give credit to the MasterCraft ProStar boat that pulled him before his record-setting jump. The ProStar, which in itself is a beautiful boat, relied on its modified 7.4-liter GM Marine engine marinized by Ilmor to reach speeds in excess of 80 mph and allow Krueger to launch off the custom-built ramp on his way to immortality.

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Why it matters

I’m not going to try to break any world records any time soon so I can’t imagine myself doing what Freddy Krueger just did. Having said that, I’m not going to ignore what he just accomplished. Jumping the length of a football field in skis is absolutely incredible and Krueger deserves all the credit he gets for not only breaking the 15-year old record, but effectively doing it twice in a span of two days.

I doubt that Krueger’s as giddy about setting this new record as a lot of people are. After all, this is a man who is so good at what he does, he’s probably lost count at how skifly titles he has won in his career. This is old hat for Freddy Krueger, even though it’s still a record that’s worthy of acclaim.

Maybe if he can set a new bar and try to break that, it would be another attempt that’ll be worth his time. But for now, Krueger’s place in the record books is safe and secure. How long that’s going to last remains to be seen, but unless the man they call the “Nightmare” decides to extend his own record, I think the existing number of 312 feet will stand for quite some time.

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Press Release

MasterCraft (NASDAQ: MCFT) athletes put on quite a show during the inaugural World of X Games: MasterCraft Throwdown presented by GM Marine including a new world Skifly jump record and the top two podium spots in wakeboarding’s return to the X Games franchise.

Waterskiing legend and five-time World Jump Champion Freddy “The Nightmare” Krueger wowed crowds with two jumps of more than 300 feet, both further than the length of a football field, breaking the previous world record of 299 feet set back in 2000. Being pulled by a [MasterCraft ProStar](Freddy “The Nightmare” Krueger wowed crowds with two jumps of more than 300 feet, both further than the length of a football field, breaking the previous world record of 299 feet set back in 2000. Being pulled by a MasterCraft ProStar boat outfitted with a modified 7.4L GM Marine engine marinized by Ilmor, Krueger reached speeds up to 80 MPH as he launched off the custom-built ramp in front of a full beach of cheering spectators.

“I’ve always dreamed about being the best at something and today, with the help of everyone involved with this production, I can say that I am,” said Krueger. “I am so humbled to be allowed to achieve my dream at an event like this. I’m ecstatic on the inside but more than anything, I’m humbled by the support all around me. This experience has been unreal.”

Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records were on hand during practice on Friday to certify Freddy’s successful 312 foot jump, as well an additional jump of 304 feet during Saturday’s performance, adding another world record to his long list of accomplishments including the world record for long distance waterski jumping, five-time World Jump Champion and 11-time Masters Jump Champion.

The record-setting performance capped off an action-packed day with wakeboarding making its official return to the X Games franchise earlier in the day. The top eight riders in the world competed in a new pressure-packed format with head-to-head elimination heats deciding who walked away with the biggest cash purse in the history of competitive watersports.

Aussie phenom Harley Clifford took the top spot on the podium out-dueling fellow MasterCraft team rider Shota Tezuka in the finals. Michigan native Mike Dowdy rounded out the podium with a third place finish. Boasting a final score of 86.33, Clifford’s flawless performance captivated the crowd from start to finish as he ended with a solid combination linking several mind-blowing mobes, front flips with a 540 twist, to take home the gold medal.

“Winning the first-ever MasterCraft Throwdown is crazy. It’s probably the biggest event I’ve ever been in – it was live on TV and tons of people watching,” said Clifford. “I was definitely under a lot of pressure, but couldn’t be more stoked to come out with the win.”
In addition to the competition, the inaugural MasterCraft Throwdown presented by GM Marine showcased the crowd-engaging antics of Gregg Godfrey and the Godfrey Clan as they boosted family members off the Blob, back-flipped jet skis and hydroskimmed motorcycles across the water. Multi-platinum country recording artist Kip Moore rounded out the evening with a live performance.

Bringing together the biggest names on the water today, MasterCraft in collaboration with ESPN/World of X Games would like to thank GM Marine as the presenting sponsor of the inaugural MasterCraft Throwdown. The official MasterCraft towboats were powered by GM Marine engines marinized by Ilmor which allowed the world-class athletes to break world records and push the boundaries of competitive watersports. Additional sponsorship involvement provided by Ilmor Marine, Action Water Sports, Ronix, Radar, CWB, Connelly, West Michigan Sports Commission and Spectrum Health.
The World of X Games series features a variety of X Games and athlete-focused content. For the most updated schedule and information on World of X Games, go to www.xgames.com. Check local listings for additional details.

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