Galeon Yachts is no stranger to designing new concepts to bolster its fleet of luxury yachts and yet, for a company that has made a name for itself with its impressive lineup of maritime vessels, the 510 Skydeck might be the most audacious of them all.

Based on the same hull used on the upcoming Galeon 500 Fly, the 510 Skydeck takes a lot of the elements of a sports cruiser and a flybridge to offer a unique a versatile water cruiser that can fit any style of yachting for its future owners.

The ability of the 510 Skydeck to offer a myriad of features is arguably its most discerning characteristic. Not that being luxurious and expensive are “disqualifiers” in that regard because Galeon Yachts wants to assure us that you can get a whole lot of bang for your buck with the 510 Skydeck.

One of its unique features is a flexible lower deck, which owners can fold out when the yacht is at rest to provide more cockpit space for his or her guests. This space opens up what Galeon Yachts calls beach mode, which apparently includes a rotating aft bench, outward-facing seating on the starboard side and a portside bar. There’s no beach sand involved with this setup, or at least I don’t think there is, but Galeon Yachts sure did its homework in providing an environment as close to one as possible.

Sadly, the company is still keeping most of the yachts details under wraps. Information regarding pricing, engine options, or release dates have yet to be revealed, but even without these details, that shouldn’t be reason for us to not get excited about the prospects of imagining what it must feel like to ride the 510 Skydeck in the open seas.

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Why it matters

I have no reason to believe that Galeon Yachts is trying to pull one over our eyes by announcing the 510 Skydeck and then deciding that it’s not worth the company’s time to build it.

That said, I’ve seen this song and dance before and while it’s more often led to good news for the boat and yacht markets, there have been occasions where companies have pulled out concepts for one reason or another.

I’m still hopeful to see the 510 Skydeck as I’m sure a lot of others who saw Galeon Yachts’ announcement feel the same way. I don’t have any reason to believe that Galeon will withdraw production of the yacht so all that matters at this time is to wait for what the company has to say in the coming days, weeks, or months.

Once details of the boat’s engine, price, and more importantly, release date are revealed, then it will be safe to assume that the 510 Skydeck will arrive sooner than later.

It’d be nice to see it in full bloom, especially after Galeon Yachts started teasing us with some of its most unique features. It’d be really mean for the company to say all these things about the 510 Skydeck and then tell us that it’s not going to do anything with it.

So cross your fingers that Galeon Yachts is true to its word, or something to that affect. But for now, all we can do is wait for more details to arrive.

Source: Galeon Yachts

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