• Gigantic cruise ship planned

    Princess Kaguya (virtual image)
  • Princess Kaguya (virtual image)
  • Princess Kaguya (virtual image)
  • Princess Kaguya (virtual image)
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It is known that life originated from the sea. It is, therefore, quite natural people to be drawn to it. Those people who have a longing for a taste of the sea life have found ways to live the experience by working as crewmen, sailing as passengers, and also by building the vessels.

Ships may be getting bigger, but a new cruise ship planned for Japanese owners will dwarf anything in service today.

Princess Kaguya is described as an "International Urban Cruise Ship" and will be 1,640.41 ft. long with over 20 decks. The 815,710,369 lbs. vessel will be able to accommodate 8,400 passengers and 4,000 crew, with cabins being housed in three "hotel blocks".

Freedom of the Seas, at 340,393,732 lbs., is the largest cruise ship presently in service, but is less than half the size of the Japanese giant. And Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is even smaller, at 327,452,597 lbs and with a passenger capacity of just 2,620.

More than 50 restaurants and 102,257.14 sq. ft. of lounge and bar space will cater for passengers’ needs aboard the Princess Kaguya, and diesel electric propulsion will give the ship a speed of 20 knots. It is hoped to place an order for the ship by the end of 2008, with delivery expected in 2012.

Gigantic cruise ship planned
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Princess Kaguya
(virtual image)

There are quite a few international cruise ships traveling around the world, and none are open to the local people of the cities they visit. The ship becomes nothing more than the scenery from the harbor. The ship we are planning will be fully available to the people it visits at each port of call, functioning as an international cultural exchange.

The people at each port city will be able to enjoy all the facilities on the ship and the latest and greatest equipment that the ship brings in to each port.

The ship will become a part, an extension of the port city where it arrives at the moment it docks in at the harbor. All facilities including hotels, shopping malls, sport arena and various events at the multi-purpose hall on board will become a part of the city, available to the passengers and locals alike.

The cultural exchange which takes place at each port of call all over the world will help to build an international network of people and ideas, which is the core concept of our "Princess Kaguya" project.


Gigantic cruise ship planned
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Princess Kaguya
(virtual image)

This cruise ship is practically a hotel above the water. "Princess Kaguya" is a floating city that has three independent hotels on board. Each hotel has an entrance hall facing the main street, and its own check-in counter. Getting on board to visit "the city" is different from merely checking in at a hotel. The current plan is to have an operation agreement with an existing hotel group for each of the three different class hotels.

A plan to let some rooms of the hotels for sale as residential suites with full hotel services has been considered. The owner of the room can rent the room back to the hotel when he/she does not use it to receive a portion of the room charge. The room can be used as an office as well, and this "cruising resort residence/office will be as valuable as having several of them at different ports.

Each hotel has 5 restaurants, 15 altogether. Additional 20 restaurants are available for the passengers with western, Chinese, Japanese and Asian styles. Another 20 restaurants and large food courts are prepared for our visitors. The wide variety of restaurants gives the choice one would expect being in a city.

Shopping Mall
The shopping mall is a 984.25 ft. long, 52.49 ft. wide, 59.05 ft. high atrium. The floor space is just as big as a multi story department store. The items being sold in the shops will be tax free, which comes as a benefit for the retailers, however the shopping while docked in a harbor will not be tax free.

Convention Hall
The floor space is 75,347.37 sq. ft. Any kind of event including trade show, international meeting, etc., will be possible to be held. The hall can be utilized together in conjunction with the hotels and the restaurants. The ship itself can be regarded as an isolated area, which will make it easier to maintain security.

Sport events
In the hall any type of indoor sport event can be held. The organizing countries for such events nowadays tend to be developed countries, but the Princess Kaguya will bring the event to any country if requested. The TV exposure will cover the event by satellite from anywhere the ship may be.

Concert hall
We are aiming at achieving a real acoustic concert hall on the ship by the generous use of wooden materials to cover the hall. If we can make possible what was previously impossible, we will have real orchestra concerts on board.

Other play zones
The "Princess Kaguya" will also have a "Cruising Amusement Park". We are able to allocate enough space for entertainment facilities, thanks to the grand size of the ship.


Gigantic cruise ship planned
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Itinerary plan

Length overall: 1,656.82 ft.
Breadth hull: 190.28 ft.
Draught: 31.16 ft.
Air Draft: 213.25 ft.
Gross Tonnage: 815,710,369 lbs.
Type: Diesel-electric
Generator sets: 8×19.2MW
Total installed power: 153.6MW
Propulsion Pods: 4×17MW
Maximum propulsion power: 68MW
Bow thrusters: 4×5,000MW
Passengers at sea, max: 8,400
Visitor in port/at anchor: 10,000
Trial speed: 22kn
Service speed: 20kn

Source: www.princesskaguya.com

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