Marine Toys & Tenders, the same company that introduced us to the eco-friendly JetPad and the maritime recliner that is the Chili Island, has unveiled the Wavekat P70, a new watercraft that’s been described as the “the ultimate driving experience on water.”

That description is still subject to interpretation but you can’t just ignore MT&T’s proud boasts regarding its latest luxury toy. Like most of the company’s other products, the Wavekat P70 isn’t your regular watercraft. It comes with a patented Swiss design that can be best described as a combination of a catamaran-style hull with stylings mused from a small hovercraft without the customary blowers usually included in those types of machines. What the P70 does have is a Tohatsu 70 EPTL two-stroke engine that produces 70 horsepower, enough to propel it to speeds of up 35 knots. The aforementioned layout also makes it possible for the P70 to perform 90-degree turns without losing its balance and power.

MT&T also designed the P70 to simulate the feeling of being in a race car. The single-seat cockpit has an adjustable bucket seat to enhance the craft’s spirit of sportiness. Likewise, having the steering wheel and the foot throttle close to the waterline is a direct hat tip to race cars that have the same configuration.

The only difference is that the P70 isn’t actually meant for racing, even if there’s a lot of temptation to use it as such. What it does provide is a unique experience of enjoying the open waters with a watercraft that can satiate the thrill of going full blast in any body of water.

MT&T is currently taking up orders for the Wavekat P70 at a price of $22,500. That may seem like a little too steep for some, but you’d be surprised how many people would be willing to drop that amount for a chance to experience the P70.

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Why it matters

I don’t need to be convinced by anybody regarding the Wavekat P70. I think it’s a beautiful thing and finances permitting, it wouldn’t take me a long time to sign up for a chance to try it in the open waters.

Unfortunately, I neither have the money nor a geographical body of water in close proximity to make this a worthwhile purchase. It’s a shame because the P70 looks like it’s fun to drive.

Give credit to Maritime Toys & Tenders for coming up with a new product that falls in line with some of its past works. The company doesn’t apologize for its quirky catalog and why should it when most of what it has created falls in line with what a lot of people would want to use when they’re enjoying the open seas.

I’m not closing the door on being able to try the Wavekat P70 at some point in the future. My only problem at this point is finding someone who’s as excited as I am about the machine and convincing that person, whomever he or she may be, to spend that much on this awesome toy for the big boy.

That shouldn’t be too hard to do, although that part about actually ordering and paying for the P70 might be.

Source: Marine Toys & Tenders

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