Monterey Boats, one of the best-selling boats in the market, has partnered with wake industry leader Roswell to create a special edition option for the Monterey 218SS and 238SS Super Sports boats, called the Roswell Surf Edition.

The special edition package was created to further boost the lines of passion for water sports. Monterey Boats is one of those companies that knows the pulse of this segment better than anybody else and teaming up with Roswell allows it to offer what it thinks is the ideal luxury performance surf boat that can deliver a world-class experience to its discerning clientele.

This kind of partnership is similar to what you normally see in the automotive business between a manufacturer and an aftermarket company. The manufacturer, in this case, is Monterey and its models - the 218 SS and 238 SS Super Sports - are the ones that Roswell will base its kits on.

The program itself is all-encompassing with plenty of features added to create a versatile surf boat. The new helm design features one touch Zero Off GPS speed control, a high volume ballast system, collapsible wakeboard tower with cam assist, wakeboard/surfboard racks and surf tabs. That covers the functional aspect of Roswell’s contribution to these Monterey boats. Aesthetically, Roswell is offering fancy dress-up options for the two Montereys, including new graphics on the sides of the boat and a boatload of metal flake gel coat options.

On the performance side, the boats will receive Volvo’s enterprising new forward facing drive system. This forward drive propulsion system is equipped with forward facing Duo-Prop counter-rotating propellers that aids the boat’s horizontal thrusts, which then allows for tighter turns in the open seas. The ability to be more versatile is the kind of upgrade that any boat should be open to so give credit to Monterey for recognizing that in the name of customer satisfaction.

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Why it matters

This is another one of those cases wherein a company that’s already regarded as an industry-leader raises the bar yet again with another one of its collaborations.

Things like this have been a part of Monterey Boats’ DNA for a better part of its 31-year existence. The company understands better than most that in order to appease its clientele, it needs to be ahead of the proverbial curve and offer cutting-edge products that customers will come to appreciate. That recipe has not only propelled Monterey Boats to sell over 35,000 boats throughout its lifespan, but more importantly, such specialised builds and meticulous attention-to-detail has allowed the company to become one of the premier brands in building sport boats, super sports, cruisers and sport yachts.

The partnership with Roswell is the latest indication of this unwavering commitment to provide the best boats in the business. Not that it matters, but we’ve learned not to doubt Monterey Boats in times like this.

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Press Release

The best-selling boats in the industry just got even better. Monterey Boats has kicked into high gear for the 2016 model year, fueling your passion for water sports with a luxury performance edition. We’ve partnered up with Roswell, a leader in the wake industry, and designed a new series for the crew that wants to experience it all; featuring new technology that enhances the performance and versatility of the wakeboarding and wake-surfing experience, as well as satisfying the desires of our boating enthusiasts.

We’ve combined the best attributes of the Roswell wake technologies with the luxury style and performance of the Monterey Super Sport series to launch the perfect luxury performance surf boat, delivering world-class wakes with responsive handling, while still maintaining the same high end performance and quality that Monterey is known for.
Our new Roswell Surf Package option is available on both the Monterey 218SS and 238SS Super Sports; this all-new option starts with an innovative helm design featuring one touch Zero Off GPS speed control, a high volume ballast system, collapsible wakeboard tower with cam assist, wakeboard/surfboard racks and surf tabs. Factor in the newly designed Roswell graphics, metal flake gel coat options, and specialized Roswell audio package and you have got a design that creates a perfect wake-surfing and wakeboarding experience.

We’ve equipped the Roswell Surf Edition with the new Volvo forward facing drive, giving you better performance than ever before. Quick to plane and more fuel efficient than ever before, Volvo’s new forward drive propulsion offers more than enough power to meet your performance needs. Equipped with forward facing Duo-Prop counter-rotating propellers, the Volvo forward drive offers a unique and industry first symmetrical wakeboarding wake and equally shaped surfing wave on your side of choice. Horizontal thrust allows you to handle tight turns with ease, maneuver safely and more intuitively, and a through-the-drive exhaust leads fumes away and reduces noise.

Monterey Boats is continuing to meet the demand of boating enthusiasts worldwide, leading the way in state-of-the-art boat designs and production, and we’re doing it all over the globe. Worldwide, our company raises the industry standard by pioneering new innovations, offering a superior product, backed by dependable customer service, and an unmatched warranty program. Known and respected all over the world, Monterey Boats is the choice for most discerning boating enthusiasts.

Monterey Boats, a leading independent boat manufacturer, has specialized in building premier quality sport boats, super sports, cruisers and sport yachts. Monterey’s current line features 26 models ranging from 18’ to 41’, including our exciting new outboard models. Monterey has a growing worldwide dealer/partner network, a dedicated staff of more than 500 skilled boat builders, and is an industry leader in designing and building superior stern-drive pleasure boats. In 31 years, Monterey has produced well over 35,000 boats and generated over one billion dollars in sales. Every Monterey boat is also NMMA certified and backed by its exclusive MVP Lifetime Limited Warranty to assure the ultimate in customer confidence and satisfaction.

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