Princess Yachts is preparing to restore the Project 31, the company’s very first model as part of its 50th anniversary celebration.

The occasion couldn’t have come at a better time for the company, which is earmarking its golden anniversary with a plethora of celebrations, none more important, it turns out, than bringing back to life the model that literally launched the company’s name into the high seas.

The historic project will include taking out parts from the original hull design of the boat and sending them to the company’s facility in Plymouth, UK, where engineers will take the helm in repairing, repainting, and reconditioning these parts to give them a modern twist.

Princess Yachts’ interior design team, Princess Design Studio, will also play a big role in the reconstruction of the Project 31 as it will create what the company describes as a “nostalgic interior concept” that pays tribute to the original interior of the iconic boat while mixing it splashes of modern materials, giving it a refreshed ambience fit for today’s style.

The company has yet to announce its plans for the Project 31 once the restoration project concludes. No exhibitions have been scheduled at the moment, but considering the lengths Princess Yachts is taking to bring its first-ever boat back to life, the company will likely schedule a public display at some point in the year.

What good would a 50th anniversary celebration be without showing everyone what you did with your first-ever boat.

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Why it matters

It’s hard to believe that Princess Yachts has been around for 50 years. To be fair, I wasn’t even born yet when the company, then known as Marine Projects, was founded by ex-British Naval officer David King and two of his friends back in 1965. Since then, Princess Yachts has grown to become one of the most popular luxury boat builders in the world.

From its humble beginnings that led to creations such as the Princess 32, the Princess 30DS, and the Princess 286 Riviera, Princess Yachts has become a premier authority in the luxury boat market with offerings like the 40M and the Princess 68.

King remains at the helm of the company as he has been for the past 50 years. That speaks to a consistency and longevity that’s uncommon in the industry and yet, it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why Princess Yachts has not only managed to stay relevant in the past half-century, but actually become bigger and better than it ever was.

Happy 50th anniversary, Princess Yachts!

Source: Princess Yachts

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