The hype surrounding Quintessence Yachts’ powerboat project with Aston Martin hasn’t waned since news first broke of the partnership. The powerboat, called the AM37, first made headlines back in April 2015 upon its announcement at a press event. Very few details were disclosed at that time about the upcoming project, but now that the Monaco Boat Show is drawing closer and closer, information surrounding the AM37 have slowly leaked through the cracks.

The most important “so far” feature of the powerboat is the sliding carbon fiber deck cover that can be used to protect the boat’s interior from nature’s forces without having to resort to using canvas and elastic materials. The use of carbon fiber also fits well with Aston Martin’s reputation for being one of the most luxury oriented car manufacturers in the world. Though I’d throw that out there.

The AM37 will also come with a remote control system that functions much the same way as a home using the same system. Basically, you can use this system to control a variety of appliances inside the powerboat, even if you’re miles away from it. Need to set the temperature right with the air-conditioning? No problem. How about chilling some wine on the fridge before you get to the boat? Easy. Get the espresso machine running so you can be greeted with a cup of brew? The boat’s remote control system makes all of that happen.

Keeping in line with the functionality aspect of the boat, Quintessence Yachts also announced that the AM37 will feature a bimini top, a swimming ladder, and a 15-inch touchscreen multimedia and entertainment system, among other goodies. Said goodies are likely to be unveiled over the next few months, but at least we’re getting to see a clearer picture on what to expect when the AM37 finally makes its long-awaited debut at the 2015 Monaco Boat Show on September 2015.

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Why it matters

It’s nice to see Quintessence Yachts opening up a little bit about the Aston Martin AM37 powerboat even though nobody would’ve blamed the company if it decided to keep all of the details close to its sleeves for the duration of the boat’s construction.

Instead of taking that route, Quintessence Yachts appears to be giving us brief glimpses on what we can expect. I admit that I would’ve liked to know more about the boat but given the approach its builder is taking, I really can’t complain too much, can I?

Based on what we know so far, the AM37 looks like it’s going to live up to Aston Martin’s trademark style and luxury. All the pieces are there - the carbon fiber was a predictable addition, but more than welcome nonetheless - and it appears that there’s going to be more layers to the AM37 than what was initially laid out. That would be a pleasant surprise if that was the case.

Hopefully, more information comes along in the coming weeks. I wouldn’t want to be sitting too long by the figurative phone, waiting for Quintessence Yachts to drop more information about the AM37, only for the company to hunker down on the secrecy until the Monaco Boat Show.

We need more details, Quintessence Yachts! The sooner, the better!

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