• Riva Unveils 100 Corsaro SuperYacht At Cannes Yachting Festival

With the Cannes Yachting Festival just concluding and the Southampton Boat Show on the docket, boat show season is completely in full swing. One yacht builder that has taken advantage of this is Riva, the Italian yacht builder that took the opportunity to launch its new super yacht, the 100 Corsaro.

The 100 Corsaro is the latest in a long line of spectacular yachts to come out of Riva. It’s no surprise that the company chose Cannes as the event to showcase its new pride and joy. The 29.90-meter 100 Corsaro really is a sight to behold. In addition to its sleep and modern styling, the superyacht can has over five staterooms, including three double cabins and one twin cabin on the lower deck for guests and an incredibly spacious master suite on the main deck.

The multi-deck configuration also provides enough space to have an outdoor dining setup, a sunbathing deck, and a well-appointed lounge on the bow. Inside one of the decks is an enormous living room setup that might as well be found inside a five-star hotel.

The 100 Corsaro is powered by a pair of MTU 16V 2000 engines that produces an incredible 2,638 horsepower. That number allows the yacht to achieve a crushing speed of 25 knots and a top speed of 29 knots, which for a boat its size is remarkable.

With all these features, it’s no wonder that the 100 Corsaro caught the attention of a lot of people at the Cannes Yachting Festival. In fact, it was such a hit during the show that the first unit of the superyacht was already taken shortly after its debut.

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Why it matters

If you’ve ever been into boats, you know that Riva is considered one of the best in the business. So when the company comes up with something like the 100 Corsaro, you know that it’s more than just a labor of love. It’s a massive and luxurious super yacht that will completely blow your mind.

There really aren’t enough words to properly describe the 100 Corsaro other than to say that it’s a masterpiece in every sense of the word. The technology behind it is incredible and the craftsmanship is quintessentially Italian, which is to say that it’s arguably the best in the world.

Granted, buying the 100 Corsaro isn’t as easy as most of us would want. There’s no exact price tag on the superyacht and I think Riva’s only going to reveal it to those who can actually afford it. Rest assured, the 100 Corsaro will cost well into the eight figures. I won’t even be surprised if it hits nine.

So there you have it. The Riva 100 Corsaro is the kind of boat kids put on their walls. Only a few get to actually buy it, but for the rest of us, those posters will be the closest thing to actually owning the 100 Corsaro.

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