Yamaha has come out with a boat to ease the heavy burden of surveyors that measure sediment below dams; the BREEZE10 unmanned boat. Designed to be conned by an onboard operator, by remote or left to work autonomously, the BREEZE10 carries a sophisticated sonar and electronics suite that maps the lake bed while an electric motor drives it silently across the surface. An onboard generator can replenish the ion-lithium batteries, which makes the boat a proper hybrid.

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Robotic Boat is a Dam Miracle
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Normally you would expect workers to be angry about being replaced by a robotic device, but not in this case. You see, monitoring the sediment that collects in water reservoirs created by dams is an important job. It’s also a miserable one. Primarily done in the winter when rainfall amounts are generally low, surveyors will spend half-a-day setting up a survey boat, then the rest of the day freezing their hirata buns off while trying to hold a steady course in spite of their shivering. “Funtimes for all,” said nobody, ever. The BREEZE10 does the work with no mind to the chilly weather.

Right now it’s just a civilian tool, but this craft is also being developed to support surveillance and even defense missions, so we would do well to hope that it never becomes self-aware.....


Length × Width × Height: 3.21 m (registered length 2.88 m ) × 1.17 m × 0.89 m (excluding
antenna and trailer)
Cargo weight/max. occupants: 166.5 kg/1 person
Maximum output: 500W (Yamaha Marine Motor M25)
Speed: Max. 4 knots (7.2 km/h)
Continuous operating time: Approx. 6 hours max.
Traversal line navigating accuracy: ±1.5 m (using DGNSS)
Battery: Li-ION 20Ah 24V
Generator output: Max. 1.6 kW (Yamaha inverter generator EF1600iS)
Supported sonar: SONIC2024, SONIC2022 (R2Sonic)
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