Sargo Boats, known for lusty creations like the 36 Fly and the 36 Explorer, has unveiled its latest pride and joy, the 33 Explorer. While it won’t technically sit at the top of its range - that’s still the territory of the 36 Explorer - the 33 will come with all the bells and whistles of a full-blown explorer boat that can match wits with the likes of the Botnia Targa 32.

From the outside, you can immediately distinguish the 33 Explorer as a real Sargo. The exquisite design work and the long waterline are trademarks of the Finnish brand. The 33 Explorer has a 36’2” hull that stretches all the way around, creating a perfect v-shape that is the mark of an aggressive boat in the open seas.

It also features a rather interesting single-level deck that sits on top of the freeboard, which looks a lot taller than most explorer boats of its size. That gives the 33 Explorer a really muscular look as it towers over other explorer boats of its size. Right smack in the middle of the deck is the pilothouse. Step inside and you’ll be treated to a world of refined luxury, highlighted by matt black finishes throughout the cockpit. It also has an adjustable steering console and an offshore seat that provides extra levels of comfort for the captain.

Step outside the pilothouse and you’ll soon realize how Sargo managed to capitalize on every inch of space on the deck. It’s still comfortable and spacious enough to be able to walk around it, but literally every inch of functional space was used to create an elegant and safe environment.

A similar experience will greet you once you go below decks. There you’ll see a vee-shaped berth in the bows and an amidships cabin that can be configured in a multitude of ways depending on your preference. You can either set up three separate berths with a divan or two berths with a heads compartment. Either way, there’s plenty of maneuverability that’ll allow you and your guests to enjoy your trip in the sea.

Sargo did its homework with the 33 Explorer. That’s high praise considering that the best part of the 33 Explorer is still yet to come. There’s still no announcement on this end, but it’s been reported that the Finnish boat yard plans to give the 33 Explorer a variety of engines, highlighted by twin 400-horsepower engines that can produce a top speed of about 43 knots.

Other engine options, including a single 400-horsepower engine or twin 300-horsepower engine, are likely to be offered as options.

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Why it matters

This particular debut has me intrigued more than any recent boat unveiling this year. I haven’t had the good fortune of being on a Sargo in the past so I’m relying on the experiences of other boat enthusiasts who have been on a Sargo.

From what I’ve been told, Sargo’s boats, particularly the 36 Explorer, is a thing of beauty. It has the class and luxurious elegance of bigger yachts and the performance credentials of sports boats.

Put those two things together and you have the quintessential all-around cruiser that’s perfect for all boating occasions. I’d like to experience that someday and hopefully, it’ll be in a Sargo 33 Explorer.

For now, though, I’m content to seeing what the boat’s actually made of when it makes its debut this year.

Source: Sargo Boats

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