Are you sick of the trouble you have when you are trying to get your boat of the trailer into the water? You remember the time when you almost drove your car into the water? Or when you were so angry you couldn’t find a suitable place to approach your car near the water that you drove back home and forgot about your plans for that day?

You’re not going to have those problems anymore because Sealegs International Ltd confirmed today that its new 23.29 ft. (7.1 m) amphibious boat is heading into full production following successful sea trials.

The 23.29 ft. (7.1 m) amphibious Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is the third and largest model released by Sealegs in the last three years. It is designed to cater for the demand for more boat space and extra seating as well as to assist the extraordinary growth the company is experiencing.

Sealegs amphibious boat is heading into full production
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The 23.29 ft. (7.1 m) RIB has come as a direct result of market feedback and already has confirmed pre-release orders for 14 of the new model which sells for 98,000 USD. According to Sealegs CEO Mr. David McKee Wright, “the 23.29 ft. (7.1 m) amphibious RIB will create new markets and business opportunities based around tourism and water transportation.”

While New Zealand’s recent floods have been a cause of wide spread concern, they have resulted in more business leads for Sealegs. “We’ve received streams of enquiries as a result of these floods as people have realized how advantageous our boats can be in these situations,” he says.

Sealegs is shipping its first 23.29 ft. (7.1 m) RIB to Italy for the Genoa International Boat Show in October 2007, where it will be unveiled to the European community for the first time. Italy is a very important market for Sealegs with the Italian Government having previously purchased Sealegs amphibious boats for their Fire Department to use in flood prone areas.

The Sealegs 23.29 ft. (7.1 m) RIB can comfortably seat up to 8 adults and has a payload of 1,543 lbs (700 kg). It has a top land speed of 6.21 mph and with a 115 hp motor can do up to 48.46 mph on water.

Sealegs amphibious boat is heading into full production
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To cope with the increasing worldwide demand for its amphibious boats, Sealegs has employed 10 new staff within the last month. The company has over 100 orders from customers for its amphibious boats representing approximately 8 million USD in future revenue.

Sealegs has appointed OCB Marine as its distributor in Hong Kong with an initial 7 boat order. The appointment of OCB brings the total number of Sealegs worldwide distributors to ten as it continues to build its international sales network.


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