Yacht builder Spirit Yachts has launched its latest offering to the powerboat market. It’s called the P40C and it’s currently on display at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show. The P40C is the coupe version of Spirit Yachts’ renowned P40, considered by many boat enthusiasts as one of the most stylish and versatile powerboats on the market.

The U.K.-based company is known for its prowess in yacht building and it’s got quite the collection of models to show for it. The P40C, in particular, is another eye-catching example of a powerboat that captures the essence of “style and substance.” It looks the part of a worthy successor to the P40 with the prominence of the enormous hull pointing to the sky. It also has a very capable pair of engines and a cabin brimming with luxury and elegance.

From the looks of things, the P40 lives up to the high standards of Spirit Yachts. The only question is if it drives as well as it looks. Prospective customers can find that out for themselves because Spirit Yachts is making the P40C available for test-drives for the entire duration of the Monaco Yacht Show.

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Why it matters

I’m really curious to see the reception that the Spirit Yachts P40C will get when it hits the market. It definitely has the pedigree of being made by Spirit Yachts so there’s no question about its build and craftsmanship. In fact, Spirit Yachts actually designs and builds the boat by itself, all under the same roof in Ipswich, England. This keeps the integrity of the build pure, which is incredibly important in the boat industry, especially with projects as complex as this one. So I have no worries about the P40C’s design.

My worry, if you can even call it that, is the way it rides in the open sea. I’ve always been very particular about this with powerboats because sometimes, they can be too powerful for their own good. According to Spirit Yachts, the P40C can hit a top speed of 40 knots, which is about 46 mph when converted in land. That’s the sweet spot number for a powerboat that has to balance its performance capabilities with its luxury craftsmanship. So on paper, the P40C checks out. Now it’s all about finding out if it can back that up.

Source: Motorboat & Yachting

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