It’s a silly question, but in the interest of what I’m about to tell you, I’m compelled to still ask: do any of you have anywhere from $4 million to $5 million just lying around in your house? I posed the question because in the event that you do and you don’t know what to do with it, I might be able to interest you in buying the Aeroboat, a luxury speed boat that’s limited to only 10 units and comes with all the pomp and elegance that justifies its exorbitant price tag.

The Aeroboat is the brainchild of Claydon Reeves, considered in the boat business as one of the pre-eminent super yacht designers in the world. Reeves is known for a lot of things and one of them is his unflinching belief in offering only the purest of pure luxury yachts. It’s no wonder that the same principles were applied to the development of the Aeroboat.

One of the boat’s most prominent features is its Rolls-Royce-sourced 27-liter Merlin V-12 engine, which can be tuned in various configurations to produce anywhere from 1,500 horsepower all the way up to 2,500 ponies. That much power can carry the Aeroboat to speeds of up to 75 knots. Pretty incredible, right?

Customization is another distinctive characteristic of the Aeroboat. According to Reeves, the exterior of the boat can be customized - to a certain extent, at least - by any prospective owner. The boat will retain its Submarine Spitfire-inspired design and it’ll still make use of materials like Kevlar, carbon fiber, and lightweight wood veneers. But each of the limited number of boats can be configured to an owner’s tastes and needs. Once built, the Aeroboat can accommodate anywhere from four to six passengers depending on what the owner likes.

The Aeroboat is living proof that living a life of luxury has its perks. It also has a price, and if it does sell for at least $4 million, we’ll all be in agreement that said price will be as steep as a canyon.

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Why it matters

In case anyone’s wondering, I don’t have $4 million. Heck, I don’t even have $40 lying around in my house. So any thought of me buying an Aeroboat is about as far-fetched as seeing Bert and Ernie each winning Nobel Peace Prizes.

Even if I don’t have the financial means to buy this incredible marine vessel, that doesn’t mean those who do should stay away from it. Granted, there’s still a lot to learn about the Aeroboat before anybody can justify parting ways with that kind of money, but hey, if you don’t belong in the “if you have to ask, don’t even bother” buyer category, then by all means, perform your due diligence on the Aeroboat.

Here’s what I’ll tell you, though. As impressed as I am about the Aeroboat, I can’t find any reason to spend that much money on a boat that’s going to require a lot of maintenance immediately after you buy it. That’s going to be added cost on top of the millions you’re going to pay for the luxury speed boat itself. It’s not a “worth it” investment in my book, but hell, what do I know, right?

I’m probably just jealous that 10 or 12 people can own the Aeroboat and I’m not one of them.

So don’t take my word if you’re really enamored with the Aeroboat. It’s your money, anyway.

Source: Claydon Reeves

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