• The new stabilization system from Seakeeper

    New stybility systems
  • 7000 Gyro
  • Stability Control
  • 7000 Gyro
  • Stability Control

Are you fed up with the random movement of your boat when the waves hit the hull? Seakeaper thought about that and they made two innovative systems that keep your boat on a “straight line”.

The first one is the Seakeeper 7000 Gyro - a spinning flywheel in a vacuum enclosure that resists boat roll at low speed when it is allowed to tilt, based on inputs from a motion sensing computer. The 7000 Gyro can be installed on boats that have from 35 feet up. On bigger boats – from 55 feet up – can be installed multiple units of the 7000 Gyro can be installed.

The new stabilization system from Seakeeper
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7000 Gyro

The 7000 Gyro unit is a globe that has 900 lbs and 25 in. in diameter. It can be installed under the aft cockpit or in the engine room. It consumes 3 kw during spin up and about 1.5 kw thereafter.

The Seakeeper 7000 Gyro may be ordered after June 15, 2007, for deliveries beginning March 2008 and costs 55,000 USD plus installation. It has a two year warranty and the maintenance is minimal because the critical moving components operate in a vacuum containment which is sealed for life.

The other innovative system is the Seakeeper Stability Control – two transverse blades at the intersection of the transom and the bottom of the boat that are rapidly extended and retracted, varying upward pressure on the bottom so as to control pitch, roll and yaw. The Stability Control works on any planning hull, regardless of size, but the performance is limited below 20 knots.

The new stabilization system from Seakeeper
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Stability Control

The Stability Control needs interior space comparable whit a typical autopilot; it consumes 1.5 kw and needs clear space along the bottom of the transom to allow for the blades and actuators.

The Stability Control may be ordered after June 15, 2007, for delivery beginning October 1, 2007 and costs 21,500 USD plus installation. It has a two years warranty and needs annual lubrication of the blade actuators.

Source: www.seakeeper.com

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