Russian businessman and concept designer Vasily Klyukin has released his latest design masterpiece, and as you can expect from the man behind the White Sails Hospital & Spa in Tunisia Economic City (TEC), it’s absolutely spell-binding.

The design is called the Monaco 2050, a visually arresting futuristic mega-yachtthat can carry, among other things, a helicopter, or at least what Klyukin believes helicopters will look like in 35 years. It’s actually looks more like one of those jet gliders you see in Marvel movies, but that’s neither here nor there. What’s important is that it looks positively bonkers.

Klyukin didn’t dive into the specific details of the Monaco 2050, only showing us design renderings of the mega yacht in full bloom. Based on these renderings and the accompanying video teaser, the Monaco 2050 is massive. It has, by my count, at least three levels, each presumably coming with enough luxury refinements and extravagant amenities to make the Prince of Monaco, Albert II, gush in envy. While we don’t get to see all the goodies Klyukin added in the interior of the Monaco 2050, we do get a clear view of one of the yacht’s most central features: the helicopter/jet glider.

Yep. What you see sitting on the top deck of the Monaco 2050 is an aircraft with enough jet engines to fly long distances. Once the aircraft needs to land, all the pilot has to do is sit it down in the helipad on the deck. Sounds pretty simple, right?

The truth is, I don’t know if this yacht will ever come to fruition, although when it comes to Kluykin, anything’s really possible.

So if any of you lives to see 2050, be on the lookout for the Monaco 2050.

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Why it matters

There’s really not a lot to say other than ’wow’. You can try putting words in my mouth, but I can assure you that they still won’t do justice in describing the design brilliance of Vasily Klyukin.

The real question about the Monaco 2050 is whether or not we’re actually going to see it come to life. That’s a tricky proposition, especially for a yacht this huge. If design concepts and renderings were easy to produce, then we wouldn’t spend so much time wishing for that to happen, would we?

So as much as I love the Monaco 2050, I’m throwing a skepticism bone on this one until I actually see it. That’s not to discredit Klyukin in any way, but when it comes to a project this big and this expensive, I’m not prepared to jump over the edge for it.

Source: Vasily Klyukin

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