• Vector Martini Racing Signs David Gandy To Racing Contract

Vector Martini Racing has signed male supermodel David Gandy to a powerboat racing contract in the hopes of turning Gandy into world-class powerboat racer who is as fierce on the water as he is on the catwalk. Gandy is the first of six celebrities that Vector Martini Racing will recruit to its iRace Pro Team.

Part of Gandy’s training would be to learn how to drive a V40R, a powerboat that packs a walloping 2,200 horsepower on full blast. The goal, as is always the case in high-profile signings like this one, is to set a new world endurance record, which is what Gandy will eventually try to accomplish as part Vector Racing’s four-man crew. Gandy’s training exploits will also be documented for an unnamed TV documentary series. Vector Martini Racing has yet to announce the specifics of the record attempt, the TV documentary, and the identities of the five other celebrities it plans to enlist with the former Dolce & Gabbana supermodel.

While the man is mostly known for his work as a supermodel, Gandy does have a certain affinity for vehicles, specifically that of the automotive variety. In addition to having written about cars for British GQ, Gandy also caught the attention of automotive racing world when he completed the Millia Miglia in 2014 with Jodie Kidd in a Jaguar.

For now at least, Gandy will trade a race car steering wheel for a different variety. It’s a challenge that he and Vector Martini are embracing ahead, as they should considering their hope of turning this bit of news into more than just a publicity stunt.

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Why it matters

At first, I really thought that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt created to get people to talk about Vector Martini Racing ahead of its title defense at the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes powerboat race on September 6, 2015.

But the more I learned about this undertaking, the more convinced I was that David Gandy would actually excel in powerboat racing with the proper training from Vector Martini. He certainly has the skill-set to do it, something we all witnessed when he collaborated with Jaguar to drive the prestigious Mille Miglia with Jodie Kidd, a 1,000 mile endurance race through Italy.

Now that he’s part of the iRace Pro Team, Gandy will be exclusively trained by the Vector Team in the fine art of powerboat racing. Once he’s up-to-speed with inner workings of the sport, he’s going to be thrown into the fire as a fully qualified crew-member in one of a series of six World Endurance Records that’s already been scheduled over the next 18 months, all while being filmed for an unspecified global television documentary.

I’m excited to see what Gandy is capable of once he knows what he’s doing in a powerboat. If he proves to be as good in this element as he is in being the only male supermodel in the world, I think he’s going to be one heck of a powerboat racer.
If for nothing else, Vector Martini Racing is counting on it.

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Press Release

Vector Martini Racing (VMR) are delighted to announce that David Gandy, the world’s only male supermodel, has joined their iRace Pro Team. Under the instruction of Vector professionals, David has already started his training as powerboat racing pilot and alongside racing, will undertake a World Endurance Record as part of the Vector four-man crew.

DAVIDGANDY_PR_15-105_1Award-winning David has represented some of the world’s most iconic fashion brands and has graced many billboards around the globe. As a writer, he contributes regular columns to a number of prestigious print and online publications. He is also an accomplished businessman as well as a dedicated fundraiser for several charities. A self-confessed “adrenalin junkie”, David collaborated with Jaguar in 2015 to drive the prestigious Mille Miglia with Jodie Kidd, a 1,000 mile endurance race through Italy.

VMR’s iRace Pro Team is the highly-prestigious professional racing application of its unique Vector iRace programme which allows corporate passengers to safely experience speeds of up to 100 mph in a Vector V40R powerboat. Vector is recruiting a team of very high-profile media and sports professionals for its iRace Pro programme, with David Gandy as its first official signing. Each iRace Pro Team participant will be trained by the Vector Team and participate as a fully qualified crew-member in one of a series of six World Endurance Records scheduled over the next 18 months being filmed for global television broadcast.

“I’m thrilled to join the VMR’s Pro iRace series,” said David Gandy. “I have a real passion for speed and nothing compares to the exhilaration and experience of driving a V40R powerboat with 2200hp at your fingertips – there is no other motor sport or experience quite like it.”

Malcolm Crease, CEO, VMR added: “It’s fantastic to have David on board as part of our World Record breaking and World Championship winning team. His approach is highly motivated and professional. His experience and involvement will bring a whole new lifestyle dynamic to our unique programme. We are both honoured and proud to be working with him.”

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