The term “drunk driving” may normally be associated with car drivers and, in some cases, motorcycle riders. But let’s not forget that boat drivers aren’t exempt from that either. Sure, there might not be that much traffic in the high seas as there is in concrete roads, but driving a boat when you’re drunk is still not a good idea.

Norwegian NGO AV-OG-TIL drove home that point when it released a a short and amusing video on how to dock your boat “like a boss”, or at least that’s how the kids say it these days, right?

I’ve tried to dock a boat before and trust me, it’s serious business. You don’t just learn it on the fly and think you’re already good at it after a few attempts. Imagine then the potential for catastrophe when you’re trying to maneuver a boat when you’re drunk. It’s not the best idea, nor is it a smart idea in the first place.

The video itself is pretty funny, even though the message is as clear and as serious as it can be. Fortunately, the unabashed attempt at wit and snark was accompanied by serious boating safety recommendations, including a reminder to always wear life jackets and kill cords.

If you’re not doing anything, I suggest you check out and watch the video. At the very least, it’s gonna make you laugh, although taking the message to heart is far more important than all the giggles.


Source: YouTube - AV-OG-TIL

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