Yacht Island Design is no stranger to designing some of the most ludicrous luxury yacht concepts you’ll ever see. Whether its putting a real-life interpretation of Monaco in a yacht or simply building a UFO-shaped metropolis in the ocean, the British design firm’s imagination really has no limits. Further proof of that lies in its latest masterpiece, a yet-to-be-named concept that can be best described as an island on a yacht.

Yep. An island on a yacht.

The premise of the concept is as it’s described: it’s an enormous luxury yacht that has all the opulent bells and whistles of a six-star hotel with a tropical island resort thrown in for good measure. Don’t feel too bad if you’re coming up short on ways to react to this piece of art because I’ll keep you company.

How do you even begin to describe a luxury yacht that has guest cabanas, a makeshift volcano, and a waterfall that drops from the aforementioned makeshift volcano into a huge, lagoon-like swimming pool? Oh, and that’s just what you see from the outside.

Once you move indoors, or in this case, inside the volcano, you’ll come across two decks of private suites with a matching private spa. Other amenities include an actual movie theater, a library, a game room, and a gym, although you probably would have a difficult time finding these places because this yacht is so freaking huge to begin with.

Granted, this super duper luxury yacht is still a concept and there’s no telling whether Yacht Island Design will be able to build one if some flushed-with-money billionaire decides to graduate from his supercars and move into purchasing a real titan of the ocean like this concept.

But on the slight chance that it does happen, I’d pay to see what the real thing would look like.


Source: Yacht Island Design

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