Formula Gives Us A 64 MPH Party Platform

Some boats are built to serve as a luxe cruising/party platforms, and some are built for speed, but it’s rare for these two worlds to overlap. Formula has managed to do just that with its aptly-named 430 Super Sport Crossover that combines spacious below-deck compartments, a full galley below with an “outdoor kitchen” on the weather deck complete with a 240V electric grill and plenty of lounging areas with the performance that only 1200 horsepower and a planing hull can provide. Crossover, indeed! As always, the devil is in the details and this boat has plenty of them, so let’s dig in and see what else Formula Boats has on tap for us.

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  • 2017 Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover
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  • Top Speed:
    64 mph
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Hull And Exterior

2017 Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover
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The 43-foot LOA, 12-foot beam fiberglass hull is made with a molded structural grid with stainless-steel hardware and adhesive to make the critical hull-to-deck joint. For a light and airy feel belowdecks, the topsides boast two polished port lights and an oversized port lights on each side. Formula’s “FAS3TECH” multi-step design gives us a deep Vee up forward that slices right through chop and slop with 22-degrees of deadrise at the transom that gives us nimble speed once up on a step.

On the weather deck we find a flush cockpit with a center-console helm and three-up command couch beneath a hard top that comes complete with a motorized skylight and shade panels if you need to block some of the sun. The couch itself comes with a convertible feature that allows you to shift between a proper bucket chair and a padded leaning post, and not only that, but the air-conditioning can be routed to blow out of a louver in the backrest for a little open-air climate control.

A U-shaped aft lounge and foredeck dining station supplement the multiple sunning beds with collapsing tables and padded inserts that turn the lounges into large chunks of tanning space. There’s a wet bar complete with Yeti cooler and tucked-away blender tends to the beverage needs of the weather deck and cockpit guests, and if you’re into showing off your culinary chops, the Corian solid-surface countertop will stand up to the weather. Because it’s non-porous it won’t harbor bacteria thus making it an ideal food-prep surface.

The open bow has a number of removable table and cushion sections so you can mix and match to meet your seating needs, and from there you can access a shipwide stereo control and pump up the volume or tune it down as you like. If you are into throwing parties on your yacht — and who isn’t? — you’ll be happy to learn that the hull has colored LEDs that put on a light show synchronized to your music for a cool visual effect in the surrounding water.

A multitude of lockers and cubbies around on deck provide plenty of secure dry storage and a dozen, stainless-steel cleats provide tie-up points for all your docklines and springs. There’s a 200-pound stainless anchor and chain to make up the main ground tackle, but if you plan to use this as a tender for a mega-yacht, the factory offers an optional stainless tow ring.

Interior Design

2017 Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover
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The belowdeck areas are kept light and airy through ample interior lighting, portlights that let in sunlight with light-colored surfaces, and upholstery that won’t absorb all those lumens and make it feel cavey down there. Once down the three wooden steps from the cockpit to the main salon we find a generous 6-foot 6-inches of headroom between the woodgrain-finish flooring and the padded overhead.

The Corian treatment continues through the galley into the head, and the food-prep area boasts a sink, coffee maker, microwave and electric stove. Blue cabinet LEDs shed some light inside the dark-colored boxes to help your eyes penetrate the gloom within, and they match the mood lighting spread throughout the lower decks.

A stainless, pullout refrigerator keeps your food chilled while a built-in winerack keeps your bottles safe while underway. Rockford Fosgate supplies the stereo equipment for the whole vessel (party on, Wayne) with remote controls spread about so everybody gets to have input on the output. (What could go wrong with that?) An AM/FM receiver joins the USB ports and Bluetooth device so there’s no shortage of musical options.

The Super Sport Crossover features a large, queen-size stateroom aft and a forward lounge that will collapse into a bed for two, so you can use this as a getaway platform for a couple of couples, or host probably at least a dozen guests for an anchor-down party. The small niceties and creature comforts are innumerable, especially when you start looking at the optional gear packages. I’m not kidding when I say you could peruse that stuff for hours, so I’m going to move on to some more high points.

Rigging And Propulsion

2017 Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover
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As with nearly everything else on the SSC, Formula offers a range of propulsion options. Customers can choose a quartet of supercharged, Mercury 300 Verado outboards or go for the gusto with four 400-horsepower kickers. Performance from the big motors is impressive; the 400R variant is capable of speeds up to 64 mph, but you’ll pay dearly for that speed with a crushing 154 gph consumption rate. Back it down to cruising speed around 42 mph and you will cut the burn down to 58.6 gph. Yeah, that’s still expensive, but if you’re looking at a boat like this, you aren’t worried about fuel costs. The Mercs come with a built-in blower to compress the intake air that then passes through an intercooler to dump the heat of compression and increase charge density for powerful combustion pulses.

At the helm we have a tilting, leather-bound steering wheel with three, 16-inch Raymarine screens that provide for all your bottom-finder and chart-plotter needs. Vents in the dash join the louvers in the command couch to move plenty of cooling air over the cockpit crew, but I think my favorite part is the push-button control that moves the helm footboards up and down so no matter how tall (or short) you are, you can find a position that will give you the view and control access you need.

Mercury’s VesselView 702 and Launchport touch screen put all shipboard systems at the helmsman’s fingertips. You’ve got joystick (jogstick) control at the helm and at a rear steering station plus an optional bow thruster, so there is no excuse for botching your landing attempts. Just sayin’ there, Captain Crunch...


2017 Formula 430 Super Sport Crossover
- image 715558

The base sticker with four, 300-horsepower Mercury Verado outboards will run you a smooth $1,054,500, Naturally, the 400-pony version will cost extra cheddar, as will the plethora of options and upgrades that Formula has on tap, so if you aren’t careful you can balloon that price tag significantly.


LOA: 43 ́0" (̋13.11 m)
LOA w/Outboards Trailered: 48 ́0 ̋ (14.63 m)
Maximum Beam: 12́’0 ̋ (3.66 m)
Approximate Weight: 25,200 lbs (11,431 kgs)
Cabin Headroom: 6 ́6̋ (1.98 m)
Fuel Capacity: 500 gal (1892 L)
Water Capacity: 56 gal (212 L)
Holding Tank Capacity: 43 gal (162 L)
Bridge Clearance w/mast light down: 10’ 10” (3.30 m)
Bridge Clearance w/radar, mast light down: 11’ 6” (3.51 m)
Bridge Clearance w/mast light up: 13’ 4” (4.06 m)
Draft: 40” (1.02 m)
Deadrise: 21° (21°)
Available Engines:
Mercury® Quad Verado® 300 w/Joystick Piloting: H.P.: Q-1200, L: 2.6
Mercury® Quad Verado® 350 w/Joystick Piloting: H.P.: Q-1400, L: 2.6
Mercury Racing® Quad Verado® 400 w/Joystick Piloting: H.P.: Q-1600, L: 2.6

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