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2018 Hinckley Dasher

2018 Hinckley Dasher

The World’s First Fully Electric Luxury Motor Yacht.

The future is here. Since 1928, Hinckley has been leading the way in the design of beautiful, highly innovative and timeless yachts. In the spirit of our legacy of innovation, we are excited to announce Dasher, the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht. Reservations now being accepted for delivery in Summer 2018.

Designed from the ground up for fully electric propulsion, Dasher achieves a new standard of excellence with modern styling paired with super lightweight construction. From her carbon-epoxy composite hull, to her handpainted, lightweight Artisanal Teak, every ounce of weight has been shaved and every curve sculpted.

Arriving not with a roar, but with our silent Whisper Drive propulsion system powered by dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries, the shape of the future is also the sound of silence. The result is a serenity not easily found. Time to reconnect with friends and family, sharing a conversation and enjoying quiet, quality time together. With zero emissions and zero time lost traveling to the pump and back, it’s not what Hinckley has added to Dasher but what Hinckley has removed that you’ll love most.

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