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Safehaven Marine Introduces The Barracuda SV11 Stealth Boat

Safehaven Marine Introduces The Barracuda SV11 Stealth Boat

Safehaven Marine is considered as one of the most extreme workboat manufacturers in the world. Its latest pride and joy, the Barracuda SV11, is a chip off the old block, enhancing everything we’ve come to love about Safehaven Marine’s portfolio and raising it to a whole new level as the brand’s new high speed low RCS military interceptor.

It’s hard to be surprised at Safehaven anymore. The British boat builder has consistently rolled out high-quality workboats that have left their respective imprints in militaries all over the world. But the Barracuda SV11 may have topped them all, thanks in large part to having a state-of-the-art construction combined with a powerful twin engine that can help the boat to reach speeds in excess of 40 knots.

You can take your pick on what strikes you the most about the Barracuda SV11 and chances are, you wouldn’t be wrong. There are so many things about the boat that’s worth noting it’s tough to single out one specific feature that stands out. In my case, I like the boat’s wave-piercing hull design that emphasizes the boat’s impressive shape. Safehaven’s decision to use radar evading carbon fiber is also worth drooling over, if only because it seems unfair that the Barracuda SV11 has it while other boats of its class don’t.

Speaking of impressive, I’d be remiss if I left out the boat’s twin shaft-drive diesel engine, which is capable of pumping out 575 horsepower, good enough to hit 40 knots without even breaking a sweat. The boat also comes with a 1,000-liter fuel tank that can travel as long as 200 nautical miles on a full gas of tank.

Safehaven’s products have attracted the attention of scientific and military agencies all over the world. The Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research and the Polish Navy count themselves as two institutions that proudly call themselves clients of Safehaven.

With the eventual release of the Barracuda SV11, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw the boats find their way into the waiting arms of their owners.

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