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Princess Yachts Adds Princess S65 To Growing Fleet

Princess Yachts Adds Princess S65 To Growing Fleet

Princess Yachts is set to add its newest member of the family with the autumn launch of the Princess S65, bringing another exciting new model to a range that just introduced the S72. Sounds like Princess Yachts is looking to make some waves in the high-speed sportbridge yachts. Can’t say that I blame them since that particular line of yachts is becoming more and more popular these days.

The company wants to take advantage of the opportunity the market’s presenting and it’s got a new pride and joy that’s waiting to be bought by deep-pocketed buyers with plenty of loose change hanging around.

The Princess S65 exudes style and luxury that’s become the norm for Princess Yachts. Three on deck living areas ensures ample space for the owner and his guests while the sportbridge, the garage, and a wide beam all provide the kind of distinctive design that has become a hallmark for Princess Yachts. I’ve seen my fair share of yachts under this brand and I can attest that almost all of them are head-turners.

But the S65 offers more than just fancy styling. It also has a well-appointed interior that features luxury amenities of the highest order. From spacious staterooms to cockpit bars, the S65 has no shortage of social areas that can accommodate up to eight guests. The sportbridge yacht also prides itself on its expansive entertaining options, ensuring that guests can enjoy their stay without having to worry about being in the high seas for an extended period of time.

If performance is a concern, you shouldn’t worry about it when it comes to the Princess S65. Engine options haven’t been revealed, but the company did say that the yacht is capable of reaching speeds of up to 38 knots.

Other than what’s been shared, there’s still a lot more about the Princess S65 that Princess Yachts isn’t telling us. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to learn more about it since a sneak preview of the yacht is set to take place at the Argentex British Motor Yacht Show from May 15 to May 17, 2015.

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