• 2015 Sea-Doo GTI SE 130/155

Sea-Doo has long been a familiar name among personal watercraft enthusiasts, and Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) based in Canada keeps the name fresh with the 2015 GTI SE models. Not content to recycle design features of the past, BRP continues to push the envelope with innovative mechanical and electronic features that keeps Sea-Doo relevant and competitive in today’s family watercraft market.

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2015 Sea-Doo GTI SE 130/155 Exterior
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BRP started with a V- hull with moderate rise to provide a workable compromise between stability and wave penetration. A small wave deflector on the bow helps to shunt off greenwater before it comes aboard to soak the passengers, and not only do the spray rails on the sides throw the whitewater clear of the machine, but they also help generate lift for quick plane and serve to dig in and prevent excessive sliding in the turns.

This machine can carry up to three people or 600 pounds, whichever comes first. The well-made seat, passenger grab strap and grab rails show the factory’s attention to detail and a concern for safety – after all, there are no seatbelts on Jet-skis, and you gotta have something to hang on to! The stern sports a tow ring for dragging around watertoys, and the seat allows for a rearward-facing spotter, also a safety concern. A mid-sized, non-skid coated swim platform gives riders a convenient place from which to disembark without benefit of a dock — you know, just in case the spray rails keep you too dry for your liking — and a fold-up boarding ladder helps to get you back aboard without too much fuss or strong language.


2015 Sea-Doo GTI SE 130/155 High Resolution Exterior
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Things get interesting once we get to the engine and engine management systems. Consumers are offered a choice between the 130-horsepower 1503 Rotax 4-TEC engine and the 155-horsepower NA Rotax 4-TEC engine. Both mills displace 1,494 cc and use the Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS) that uses an enclosed heat exchanger instead of drawing raw water into the engine water jacket.

Consumers are offered a choice between the 130-horsepower 1503 Rotax 4-TEC engine and the 155-horsepower NA Rotax 4-TEC engine.

This has the benefit of isolating the engine from the corrosive effects of saltwater and precludes the need to flush the cooling system at the end of the day or when moving from one body of fresh water to the next – no worries about marine hitch-hikers here!

The GTI SE comes with an electronically actuated throttle that always starts the engine in neutral for ease and convenience, and has an activity-specific engine mode that allows you to choose between Touring mode, Sport mode and the fuel-sipping ECO mode. It also comes with two keys (not really a key, more like a dead-man’s lanyard), one of which is the “learner’s key” that can be set to one of five different settings that limit power output for those times that you want to let the kids or a friend drive the thing.

Both keys come with an electronic signature that interfaces with the on-board computer in order to activate the systems. This is widely regarded as the safest form of security system available for PWC, and is more public-friendly than a Pit-Bull on a chain and a large-caliber handgun (my security system).

Sea-Doo blessed the GTI SE with its iBR water-brake system that allows you to quickly and easily switch between forward and reverse, and the Off-Throttle Assisted Steering (OTAS) gives you some rudder authority for steering while off power. Together, these two systems make this craft rather handy in close-quarter maneuvering situations.


2015 Sea-Doo GTI SE 130/155 High Resolution Exterior
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Base price is $9,999, and it comes with a limited, one-year warranty. This price can balloon quite a bit if you get into the accessories catalog, because BRP has at least a score of goodies that will spruce up your ride – and the sticker if you aren’t careful!

He Said

“Awesomesauce! This PWC looks like a lot more fun than the older ones that I am used to. You know, the ones that were under way as soon as you started the engine and had zero steerage off the power. Some of the systems on this ride are similar to those found in mid- to top-shelf motorcycles, and as much as it worries my nerves having delicate electronics that close to water, it does show that BRP is stepping up their game, and advancing PWC technology as a whole.”

She Said

My wife and fellow writer, Allyn Hinton, says," Sea-Doo’s GTI PWC is larger than their Spark model and gives you a more stable ride with room for up to three bodies. Combine the significant 30.8 gallons of storage with what Sea-Doo boasts as best-in-class fuel economy and you and your favorite companions can carry everything you need to spend all day having fun in the sun."


Engine Type: 1503, 1503 NA Rotax® 4-TEC® Engine, four-stroke with four valves per cylinder. Provides Reliable Performance In Fresh Or Salt Water, Increased Torque At Low RPM, Optimized Power At All RPM Levels And Throttle Positions.
Intake System: Naturally Aspirated
Displacement: 1,494 cc
Cooling: Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS)
Reverse System: IBR® With Electronic Brake, Neutral And Reverse
Starter: Electric
Fuel Type: 87 Octane
ITC™ (Intelligent Throttle Control): Operating Electronically, This Advanced Throttle System Starts You In Neutral For Easier Dockside Starts. It Also Features An Activity-Specific Touring, Sport And ECO™ Modes That Can All Be Set To Accommodate Your Riding Style. The Result Is A More Responsive, More Intuitive Ride.
IControl® Learning Key®: The Programmable Learning Key Allows You To Limit The Performance Of The PWC Based On Rider Skill Level.
D-Sea-Bel™ Sustem: Combines A Series Of Resonators And Vibration-Absorbing Components To Make Sea-Doo Watercraft Some Of The Quietest On The Water.
Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS): Uses Coolant To Keep The Engine Running At The Ideal Temperature, Much Like A Car’s Radiator. Also Keeps Out Corrosive Saltwater And Debris.
Handlebar-Mounted Start/Stop Button: Engine Starts And Stops With A Single, User-Friendly Control Button.
Rider Capacity
Rider Capacity: Three
Weight Capacity: 600 Pounds
Fuel Capacity: 15.9 Gallons
Length: 132.6 Inches
Width: 48.5 Inches
Weight Dry: 790 Pounds
Storage Capacity: 30.8 Gallons
Type: GTI Medium-Sized Platform, Moderate V Hull, Forgiving And Nimble
IControl: The “Brain” That Integrates And Controls All Systems To Create The Best Possible Ride.
Touring Mode/Sport Mode: Offers A Choice Between Two Throttle Responses For Different Riding Styles. Touring Mode Is The Default Setting Offering A More Progressive Acceleration Curve For A More Confident Ride - Ideal For Cruising And 2-Up Riding. Sport Mode Can Be Easily Activated Using The Sport Button. It Provides All Acceleration Performance For A More Aggressive Throttle Response.
ECO Mode: This ITC Function Automatically Determines The Most Economical Power Delivery And Sets The Optimal RPM For Greatest Fuel Economy.
3-Up Seat: Comfortable Room For Three – Permits Rear-Facing Spotter For Watersports.
Elevated Fuel Filler: Easy Access And Prevents Water Intrusion While Refueling.
Interactive Multifunction Digital Information Center: Reports 23 Key Operating Functions: Fuel Level, Tachometer, Speedometer, Touring Mode / Sport Mode, ECO Mode, Hour Meter, Compass, F-N-R Indicator And More.
RF D.E.S.S™ Key: Allows For Quick Starts And Added Security. Now With Radio Frequency Technology And A New Ball-And-Socket Design, The Digitally Encoded Security System Provides Riders With Easy And Quick Starts Every Time.
Off-Throttle Assisted Steering (O.T.A.S.™): Provides The Operator With Additional Steering Effect In Off-Throttle Situations For Greater Maneuverability.
Standard: Sponsons, Bumpers, Footwell Carpets, Tow Hook, Wide-Amfle Mirrors, Rear Grab Handle, Dual Drain Plugs, Flush Kit, Emergency Floating Lanyard, Seat Strap, Operator’s Guide and Instructional Video and Booklet
Propulsion System
IBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) System: Sea-Doo’s Exclusive On-Water Braking System, IBR Lets You Stop Up To 100 Feet Sooner Than Competitive Units*. All With The Squeeze Of A Lever. And With Its Electronic Reverse, It Gives You A Level Of Maneuverability That Makes Docking Easier. (*Based On BRP Internal Testing And Commercially Available Competitive Models As Of August, 2014)
Stainless Steel Impeller: Delivers Improved Acceleration, Higher Top Speed, And Less Cavitation.
SE Package
Fold-Down Reboarding Step: Makes Reboarding From The Water Easier And Quicker.
Additional Gauge Functions: VTS, Fuel Consumption Instant & Average, Clock.
Touring Seat: Ergonomically Designed For Comfort And Great Looks, Providing Ultra-Plush Seating For Three
Swim Platform Carpets: Swim Platform Carpets With Sea-Doo Logo.
Options: Three-Position Retractable Ski Pylon, Removable Wakeboard Rack, Depth Finder, Ski Mode, Slow Mode, Time / Distance To Empty, Top / Average Speed / RPM, Lap Timer, Engine Temperature, Removable Dry Bag For Front Storage, Ski Tow Eye, Speed Tie™, Removable Storage Bin, Safety Kit, Bilge Pump, Sandbag Anchor, Fire Extinguisher, Fenders, Sea-Doo Move Trailer, Storage Cover
Warranty: BRP Limited Warranty Covers The Watercraft For One Year.
Color Options: Maldives Blue & White, Black & Sunshine, Manta Green & White (130 Only)
Price: $9,999
TJ Hinton
TJ Hinton
T.J got an early start from his father and other family members who owned and rode motorcycles, and by helping with various mechanical repairs throughout childhood. That planted a seed that grew into a well-rounded appreciation of all things mechanical, and eventually, into a formal education of same. Though primarily a Harley rider, he has an appreciation for all sorts of bikes and doesn't discriminate against any particular brand or region of origin. He currently holds an Associate's degree in applied mechanical science from his time at the M.M.I.  Read full bio
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