Sirena 64 reviews

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2017 Sirena 64

2017 Sirena 64

Go Further, Go Faster.

Back in 2014, Sirena Marine set out to produce a line of five different size motor yachts ranging in size from 56 foot to 120 foot. These models promised ample distribution of open spaces suitable for endless enjoyment to go with a generous fly bridge, and large fore and aft sitting areas. And, they are customizable too. For the 64, the first model of the line to be launched, there are three optional interior layouts of generous volume for serious world cruising in great comfort with the family, including large glass windows for a good view of the sea and plenty of natural light. The hull design was precariously developed, including and included the testing of three models at the Wolfson Unit towing tank facility in Southampton. In addition, sea keeping tests were conducted on a self-propelled 1/3 scale model of the hull.

The result; in the end, it is a pleasant vessel that is capable of cruising at high speed or sailing along with the breeze in low fuel consumption mode. The hull stability is well matched to the needs of the gyroscopic stabilizers to insure that both cruising and anchoring offer great comfort. Check out our review below to leawrn a little more about the new 64.

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