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Southport 33 reviews

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2017 Southport 33

2017 Southport 33

Graceful and muscular, stable and safe, the 33 is built to deliver a fantastic day on the water.

Experience the celebrated ride, performance, and stability of the newest and largest Southport. Graceful and muscular, with Carolina flare, Maine craftsmanship, and an incredibly sea-kindly hull, the Southport 33 is an unmatched performer and the best-in-class.

Whether the ideal day on the water is spent racing out to an offshore fishing spot with friends or running up the coast to drop the hook in a favorite secluded harbor, the Southport 33 is built for both lifestyles.

For the serious angler, the Tournament Edition (TE) is the obvious choice. The 33 TE includes a long list of key features and options. This is a serious fishing boat with the range and speed to get out to the canyons and back home safe even on those ugly-weather days.

The Family Edition (FE) is designed on the same platform but for the owner whose focus is family cruising and entertainment. With creature comforts as the design criteria, yet true to the fishing DNA heritage of Southport, the 33 FE delivers the exceptionally dry, safe and economical performance of much larger cruisers. Enjoy a day of relaxing, swimming and viewing the sunset, or make a longer trip to a favorite island with no worries about the ride home, even when the ocean turns angry.

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