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One of the most affordable 4 stokes PWC; the Yamaha VX jet ski with its 110 hp will definitely make your weekends on the water a real pleasure. Don’t let the simple design of the hull full you! The VX delivers fun, performance and reliability for you and your family.


The compact, ultra-lightweight, liquid-cooled Yamaha MR-1 engine that powers the VX jet ski has 110 hp, four-cylinder, 1052cc, DOHC and 20 valves. This model has some of the “classic” features that Yamaha implemented in its ski jets, features that increase the performance of the waverunner and protects the engine. The electronic fuel injection system delivers a smooth, high power output with low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. The engine management system assists the operator in turning while the watercraft is decelerating. The water flow through the engine is controlled by a thermostat and pressure system and is maintained by a pressure control valve. Sacrificial zinc anodes protect the engine from harmful galvanic corrosion, while stainless steel fasteners (nuts, bolts, hardware) provide a long service life. The engine is protected even from involuntary overturns by an electronic switch that stops engine and oil pumps immediately.


The hull of the VX is design to be strong, providing an excellent maneuverability handling and comfort. The seat is ergonomically-designed and contoured for added support. Removing the seat you’ll be able to access the engine compartment. A large bow storage locker and glove box can be found on the Yamaha VX providing 19 gal of storage enough for your water trips. If you need information about the speed, RPM, fuel level, low fuel warning, low oil pressure warning, overheat warning, hour meter, check engine light with self diagnostic function of the VX jet ski you’ll going to find it on the electronic information center.

2007 Yamaha VX
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Performance, fun, a powerful engine, a great price, Yamaha, that’s everything you need to know about the Yamaha VX jet ski. Perfect for you and your family I’ll bet your kids will appreciate it.


The Powerplant

  • The VX™ is powered by a Yamaha MR-1™ four-stroke engine
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Specially Designed, One-piece Cylinder and Crankcase Assembly: Provides tremendous engine rigidity that’s lighter and stiffer than two-piece designs.
  • Slant Detection Switch
  • Dry Sump Lubrication: Uses two engine oil pumps to deliver lubricated oil to each moving part with water-jacketed sump and oil backflow protection.
  • Yamaha Engine Management System (Y.E.M.S.)
  • Thermostatic and Pressure Controlled Cooling System: Water flow through the engine is controlled by a thermostat and pressure system and is maintained by a pressure control valve.
  • Corrosion Protection System
  • Electronically Controlled, Variable Ignition Timing: For exact ignition advance control at all throttle positions and RPMs.

The Jet Pump Propulsion System

  • The VX pump design is one of the most efficient pump configurations ever, increasing stream velocity and thrust while decreasing cavitation and prop spin.
  • Stainless Steel Impeller Housing Liner: For high durability, the liner maintains accurate clearance tolerances between the impeller and the housing.
  • High Flow Intake Duct and Grate: The dynamic shape of these items directs water flow into the pump for better thrust, performance and hook up.
  • Cooling Water Intake Filter: Filters out harmful debris that could cause blockage of important cooling water passages.
  • Pumps are Manufactured with YDC30: A combination of zinc and copper alloys, developed by Yamaha marine engineers, that offers excellent corrosion protection.

The Lightweight, High Strength Hull and Deck

  • The VX hull is designed to be light and strong.
  • Progressive, V-Hull with Integrated Bow Spray Guard
  • Performance Sponson Design: Provides added straight-line comfort and an improved two and three-up riding experience.

Additional Features

  • Multi-function Electronic Information Center
  • 19 Gallons of Total Storage
  • Comfortable One-piece Seat
  • Extra Large Boarding Platform: Provides a stable platform for re-boarding.
  • Finger Throttle Lever: Provides added comfort while reducing hand fatigue.
  • Yamaha’s Trademarked Visibility Spout®: A waterspout from the rear of the craft that improves the watercraft’s conspicuity.

2007 Yamaha VX
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Rated Horsepower: 110 hp
Engine Type: 4-Cylinder, 4-Stroke
Bore/Stroke: 76mm x 58mm
Displacement: 1052cc
Fuel: Regular Unleaded
Type of Exhaust: Wet
Type of Lubrication: Dry Sump
Cooling: Open-Looped, Water
Starting: Electric
Ignition: TCI
Compression Ratio: 11.4:1
Carburetor/Injection: EFI (Electric Fuel Injection)
Ignition Timing: 35 degrees BTDC
Spark Plug: NGKCR9EB
Pump: 155mm Axial Flow Single Stage
Transmission: Direct Drive from Engine
Gear Ratio: 21:31
Impeller: 3-Blade, Stainless Steel
Length: 126.8 in. (3.22 m)
Width: 46.1 in. (1.17 m)
Height: 45.3 in. (1.15 m)
Seat Length: 66 in./56 in. (1.67 m/1.43 m)
Dry Weight: 703 lbs (319 kg)
Fuel Capacity:
15.9 gal (60 l)
Vehicle Capacity: 1, 2, or 3 person/529 lbs (240 kg)
Oil Capacity: 1.14 gal (4.3 l)
Storage Capacity: 18.7 gal (70.8 l)
Reserve Fuel Capacity: Not Applicable
Hull Material: SMC (Sheet Molded Compound)
Color: Aqua Blue
starting at 7,399 USD

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