The 2011 Yamaha VXS WaveRunner has all it needs to be considered a fairly capable and comfortable jet ski. For the starters it comes with a spacious seat that features a traditional construction and was especially designed for sport riding. Then there are the spacious foot rests, the rear re-boarding step and the ergonomically designed handlebar.

In terms of power the Yamaha VXS WaveRunner comes with a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder unit that cranks out a maximum power of 180 hp. This strong engine is fed by a 15.9 gallons fuel tank that offers a pretty good riding range.

To maximize its performances, Yamaha’s engineers blessed their VXS WaveRunner with an ultra-lightweight hull made of NanoXcel (Yamaha’s exclusive material that is engineered using nanotechnology to be stronger and lighter than anything else in the industry.)

The Yamaha VXS WaveRunner price starts from under $11,000.

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  • 2011 Yamaha VXS WaveRunner
  • Year:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Displacement:
    1812 cc
  • Price:

Press Release

2011 Yamaha VXS WaveRunner High Resolution Exterior
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New VXR WaveRunner is the most affordable, high performance watercraft ever created

KENNESAW, GA – August 26, 2010 – Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today introduced its 2011 line of WaveRunner® personal watercraft that includes the Yamaha VXR™ and VXS™, the industry’s first low priced, ultra high performance personal watercraft.

The all new Yamaha VXR and VXS WaveRunners feature Yamaha’s 1812cc 4 cylinder, 4 stroke marine engine, combined with an ultra lightweight hull and deck made from NanoXcel®, Yamaha’s exclusive material that is engineered using nanotechnology to be stronger and lighter than anything else in the industry.

These WaveRunners set a new benchmark for performance, agility and fun on the water and they are the only high performance watercraft starting under $11,000 MSRP.

“We challenged ourselves to create a WaveRunner that could run out in front of the most high performance watercraft on the market, and to do it at a price thousands less than anything else,” said Scott Watkins, Yamaha’s product development manager. “We achieved it by matching our 1812cc engine, the largest displacement in the industry, with a lightweight compact platform. By doing this, we didn’t need to rely on a supercharger or intercooler to meet the top end of our performance benchmarks, which helped keep the price low. And the performance continues to run laps around the competition.”

Joining the VXR and VXS in Yamaha’s lineup for 2011 are Yamaha’s signature VX® Series WaveRunners, which are the most affordable, reliable and fuel efficient watercraft on the market today. The VX Series topped the sales chart in 2010 for the sixth consecutive year in a row, and remains the watercraft of choice for value minded buyers and rental operators alike.

Yamaha’s FX Series, including the FX® HO, FX Cruiser® HO, FX SHO® and FX Cruiser SHO®, return to deliver the most innovative features along with high performance and fuel efficiency. These models again topped the sales charts and have redefined what customers expect in the sport performance and luxury performance segments.

And Yamaha’s race inspired FZ Series, including the FZR® and FZS®, returns with all new colors and graphics. The FZR continues to dominate the APBA® National Racing circuit, currently leading both the stock and open runabout classes, and is the watercraft more racers are gravitating to than anything else on the race scene today.


2011 Yamaha VXS WaveRunner High Resolution Exterior
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  • The most affordable model in the industry that delivers the highest level of performance
  • 1812cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder Yamaha Marine Engine: delivers race level

acceleration, responsiveness and top speed

  • NanoXcel® hull and deck: offers ultra lightweight construction in a compact package delivering a fun, nimble ride

For the personal watercraft rider who understands and appreciates the spirit of rally and tuner cars that deliver mouth-dropping thrills in an affordable lightweight package, Yamaha introduces the all-new VXR and VXS WaveRunners — marking the highest performance, normally aspirated personal watercraft the industry has ever seen.

The offspring of the compact, lightweight Yamaha VX Series and the ultra highperformance Yamaha FZ Series, these WaveRunners® are sure to excite enthusiasts that miss the athleticism that created the personal watercraft boom in the 90s.

That is not to say that the VXR and VXS models are 90s throwbacks; they’re quite the opposite. The Yamaha VXR and VXS feature the personal watercraft industry’s largest displacement engine and Yamaha’s proprietary NanoXcel hull and deck material that is lighter and stronger than traditional SMC construction. It is this combination of power and light weight that generates the VXR and VXS’s awe-inspiring performance that rivals the industry’s best musclecraft. And because Yamaha can do this without the added cost of a supercharger and intercooler, the VX Performance Series is more much affordable than comparable performing models.


2011 Yamaha VXS WaveRunner Drivetrain
- image 425846

The heart of the Yamaha VX Performance Series is the industry’s first and only 1.8L engine that is the largest displacement motor ever designed for a personal watercraft. Exclusive to Yamaha, this engine produces awesome power, but it is also exceptionally fuel efficient and optimized to deliver the utmost performance using regular unleaded

Engine features include:

  • Throttle by wire reverse system controls RPM in reverse gear for maximum thrust efficiency.
  • High torque design.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Low emission (3 Star).
  • Low maintenance costs.

Yamaha NanoXcel Hull and Deck

2011 Yamaha VXS WaveRunner Exterior
- image 425844

The VXR/VXS features the industry’s first and only nanotechnology-engineered hulls, decks, and liners that are the lightest and strongest in the market today. The result is a state of the art watercraft that is quick and nimble, but with balance and maneuverability that truly connects the driver to the machine.

In today’s more value-minded marketplace, there is nothing like the VXR and VXS that deliver on the singular goal of offering high-performance at an affordable price. These models focus on the true essence of what makes watercraft riding fun. Models include:


2011 Yamaha VXS WaveRunner High Resolution Exterior
- image 425837

To be perfectly clear, the VXS and VXR are identical machines with one or two features. The team at Yamaha tells us that the mission of the VXS it to provide the best possible high performance watercraft in a no-frills low-cost package. With this in mind, we set out to test and review the VXS. The first thing we noticed was that the production weight of this watercraft was only 728 lbs. and that the 1812cc four-stroke, four cylinder marine engine was NOT supercharged. What’s more the dash and handle bars were not decorated like a Christmas tree with lots of things to look at and fiddle with. Yamaha certainly got the no-frills part right, but what about the performance and handling and who is the VXS really designed for?

The WaveRunner VXS and WaveRunner VXR bring genuine sports riding to a new generation of enthusiasts. Designed as accessible sports runabouts, they combine ultra-lightweight hull designs – benefiting from NanoXcel® technology – with powerful, High Output engines, resulting in incredible levels of acceleration and handling. The top-of-the-range VXR is designed for serious watersports enthusiasts and offers a luxurious two-tone step-up seat – designed for sports riding – and a rear re-boarding step.


2011 Yamaha VXS WaveRunner Exterior
- image 425845
Engine Type 1812cc, four-stroke Yamaha marine engine
Displacement 1812cc
Impeller 3 blade, stainless steel (15.6º pitch)
Length 128.7”
Beam 46.1”
Height 45.7”
Fuel Capacity 15.9 gallons, regular unleaded fuel
Passenger Capacity 3 (529 lbs.)
Hull Material NanoXcel High-Compression Molded Compound
Warranty 1 year limited
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