The Yamaha TAM230B is a fairly versatile and tough boat especially developed for those who need a reliable, spacious and practical partner for their expeditions.

Whether you’re going out fishing, camping or you just want to relax on the water the Yamaha Yam230B is ready to follow your lead with obedience.

This compact boat can be inflated or packed in minutes thanks to its practical high-speed air pump. The boat measured 2.25 m long and can accommodate comfortably up to 2 adults. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the YAM 230B is constructed using the latest generation 1100 DECITEX PVC material, with all seams and joints glue-bonded for optimum watertightness and safety. You’ll also like to know that the boat offers a maximum load capacity of 270 kg.

It is powered by a lively 4 hp engine (recommended by Yamaha).

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  • 2012 Yamaha YAM230B
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    € 1399

Yamaha YAM230B

2012 Yamaha YAM230B Exterior
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For getting out on the water with the minimum of fuss and effort, there’s no better choice than the YAM 230B.

This user-friendly, tough little runabout is ideal for camping and fishing, small boat tender duties or just for messing about on the water. You can inflate or pack it away in minutes using the standard high-speed air pump, while the lightweight slatted floor simply rolls up – and your YAM is easily stowable in a boat locker, car trunk or even a cupboard at home.

Use the strong aluminium oars, with their sturdy rowlocks and easy-stow clips on the tube-sides – or fit a small, reliable Yamaha outboard. Either way, you’ll be delighted with this stylish little runabout.

Jump into a YAM and join the thousands of happy owners cruising round the ports, marinas and inland waters of Europe. Renowned for their simple, stylish designs, ease of use and refreshing value for money, Yam inflatables help people get out on the water more easily – and have more fun.

All YAM models share the Yamaha reputation for proven reliability – and durability that’s really long-lasting. The special hulls and keels ensure practicality, agility and performance while offering a comfortable, secure ride.

Just add a Yamaha outboard, with its all-weather reliability and world class performance – for an unbeatable package.

Perfect partners

2012 Yamaha YAM230B Drivetrain
- image 460809

Yamaha outboards are renowned for their turnkey reliability and amazing performance and YAM inflatables are designed to be the perfect match. With a huge range of Yamaha outboards to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect combination of engine and inflatable.

Built to last

2012 Yamaha YAM230B
- image 460810

For maximum strength and good looks, The YAM 230B is constructed using the latest generation 1100 DECITEX PVC material, with all seams and joints glue-bonded for optimum watertightness and safety. The result is a smart, clean exterior surface that is highly resistant to abrasion, salt water and sunlight.

Quick and easy to pack up

2012 Yamaha YAM230B Exterior
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The YAM 230B has a lightweight slatted floor that rolls up with the boat. It can be inflated or packed away in minutes, using the high-speed air pump that comes as a standard.

Ready to take care of you

2012 Yamaha YAM230B Exterior
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In addition to safety features like strong, secure grab-handles, seat patches and D-rings, comfort is also a top priority. Our ingenious high-quality air valve is a good example – exceptionally reliable and airtight, it’s easy to operate and is flush with the surface of the tube, preventing snagging or discomfort.

Easy to transport

2012 Yamaha YAM230B Exterior
- image 460816

Every YAM comes with everything needed for instant boating enjoyment. The strong carrying bag is convenient for stowing your YAM in a car boot or on a roof rack – and the floors, seats and fittings are all very simple to install. A powerful air pump is also supplied, so your YAM will be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Light and easy to control

2012 Yamaha YAM230B Exterior
- image 460817

The YAM 230B is supplied with aluminium oars that are light yet strong, along with easy-stow clips on the tube-sides – and sturdy rowlocks. So manoeuvering around, whether out of necessity or purely for pleasure, is simple and relaxing. All in all, it’s a practically perfect package.


2012 Yamaha YAM230B Exterior
- image 460808
Overall length 2.25 m
Beam 1.31 m
Max. Persons 2 (adults + child)
Max Engine Power 2.9 kW / 4 hp (Recommended by Yamaha)
No of air chambers 3
Stowed Dimensions 102 cm x 58 cm x 29 cm
Floor material/type Wood slats
Hull weight 21.1 kg
Max load capacity 270 kg
Max Tube Diameter 35 cm
Shaft Length Short
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