Ado Stunt Cars 3


The 3rd sequel to a quality stunt racing game is here! Make stunts as you speed through crazy stunt ramps in closed stunt track. Drive through the obstacles and drift your tires off. This game is based on the famous Madalin Stunt Cars 2. Make crazy stunt sequences and get better at driving. Choose from a variety of cars available in this game and drive at insane speeds. Make stunts in 3 stunning stunt levels and practice to be a stunt master. Are you ready to prove yourself as the best stunt driver? Prove yourself with Ado Stunt Cars 3!

How to play Ado Stunt Cars 3?

Ado Stunt Cars 3 is a stunt racing simulator. So, there is no leveling and target system. You can practice and enjoy making stunts in this game. Simply, Pick your favorite car, track and you’re good to go. You can also change cars during the stunt racing session.


W,A,S,D/Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer
Spacebar: Brake

What are the fastest cars in this game?

The fastest cars in the game are the Lamborghini Veneno and Koenisegg Agera.

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete your browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all your game progress made in this game.

About the game

The game is developed by AdoLux Games. The developer is known for their high quality free roam game. With this game, They have offered a stunning car stunt game. You can practice with your favorite car and speed on a stunt ramp.

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Ado Stunt Cars 3
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Realistic Drifting!
Make stunning drifts with your super cars. Play this game only on
Ado Stunt Cars 3
- image 1044919
Good Graphics!
Experience quality stunt racing with the stunning graphics offered.
Ado Stunt Cars 3
- image 1044920
Cool Cars To Unlock!
Unlock more than 10 cars and practice your way to the top.
Ado Stunt Cars 3
- image 1044921
Cool Free Roaming!
Pick from 3 stunning tracks that offer great free roaming.
Ado Stunt Cars 3
- image 1044922
Make Insane Stunts!
Speed through crazy stunt ramps in a closed stunt track.

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