Ambulance Mission 3D


Drive around the city in your ambulance and save patients. Reach patients destination as soon as possible and drive them back to the hospital before the timer goes up. Become a real life super hero and save the citizens of your city and dodge traffic to reach as early as possible. Are you ready to take this responsibility? Prove yourself with Ambulance Mission 3D!

How to play Ambulance Mission 3D?

The game is level based. You have to complete current level to get to the next level. The distance of the patient destination and the hospital keeps increasing as you move forward in the game. You can always RESTART if you think you can’t reach the hospital in time. The objective is to reach the destination to pick em up and then drive them back to the hospital before the timer goes up.


Arrow Keys or W, A, S, D: Drive/Steer/Brake
C: Change Camera Angles
L: Lights On and Off

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, You could lose out on all the game progress in the process.

About the game

The game is developed by They are known for their cool games in all variety of games genre. With this game, They have offered a light weight ambulance simulator game.



Ambulance Mission 3D
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Save Patients!
Save patients before the timer goes up and make them reach the hospital. Play this game only on
Ambulance Mission 3D
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Realistic Physics!
Drive around the city with the realistic physics powered by this game.
Ambulance Mission 3D
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Realistic City!
Experience realistic city and traffic system.
Ambulance Mission 3D
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Cool Tricky Missions!
Complete tricky and lengthy pickup and drop missions.
Ambulance Mission 3D
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Free Roam!
Roam around the city freely and reach your destination.

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