Blocky Demolition Derby


Get in your tank and fire enemy cars to win. Protect your territory from enemy vehicles and blow them up in dust. You can also crash into cars in Demolition Derby and shoot to take them all out. With your victories, You will get money that you can use to either buy a new vehicle or you can upgrade your current vehicle. Get crazy with your mouse and drive into cars to destroy them. The choice is yours on how you want to win. Prove that you are the last player standing!

How to play Blocky Demolition Derby?

There are 5 game modes to play in Blocky Demolition Derby -
DERBY MODE: Pick your car and track then crash into cars to eliminate them and become the last player standing.
TANK MODE: Choose your tank and track then shoot all the enemy cars in your territory. The more damage you make, The more money you will make.
WAR MODE: Pick your car and track then crash into cars or get weapons by collecting stars on the ground. The more damage you make, The more money you will make.
TANK RUN: Similar to DERBY MODE but there’s a very fast tank chasing and shooting you along the session.
HEAVYWEIGHT: Play Demolition Derby with Trucks and buses. Same as DERBY MODE.


WASD keys or Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer
Left or Right shift: Nitro
Y/Z: Charge attack
X or Left/Right Ctrl: Shooting
C: Change Camera
R: Reset The Vehicle

What are the upgrades available in this game?

The upgrades available in this game for all cars and vehicles are Top Speed, Acceleration and Resistance. They are all expensive upgrades and you will really have to prove yourself with the given specifications.

About the game

The game is developed by Kiqqi Games. They are known for their demolition derby games available to play for free in the web games market. With this game, They have offered a blocky graphic style demolition derby with tanks and heavy weight vehicles.

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Blocky Demolition Derby
- image 1042715
Cute Cars, Buses and Tanks to unlock!
Unlock all vehicles in this game. Play this game only on
Blocky Demolition Derby
- image 1042716
Good Environments to demolish!
More than 5 cute blocky environments to play in.
Blocky Demolition Derby
- image 1042717
Shoot or crash enemy cars!
Great Damage System and Shooting System for all cars.
Blocky Demolition Derby
- image 1042718
Crazy Good Gameplay!
Alot of action packed sequences that won’t let you leave this game.
Blocky Demolition Derby
- image 1042719
Decent Block Graphics!
Play with trendy block graphics in this game.
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