Burnin’ Rubber Cartapult


Shoot down buildings and city traffic as you strategize the damage with each car by applying explosives on the car. Experience stunning visual effects and optimized gameplay with this game. Make highscores and compete with the best in the world. Start with 3 cars to make the most damage and unlock more cars to shoot down the city as you level up. Perfect your shooting skills and plan the fall to make the most damage. Shoot down the whole city and show whose the most dangerous person of the city with Burnin’ Rubber Cartapult!

How to play Burnin’ Rubber Cartapult?

This game is an endless game where you have to make highscore and compete with the best in the world. You can apply explosives to your car and plan the car to fall at the exact point where it could make the most damage. You have to apply the perfect amount of force to the car to make the most damage and destruction.

You start off with 3 cars which means 3 chances to make the highest score. You get to unlock more cars as you move forward in the game. You can make the most out of your session by controlling the last car movement and dropping it on the perfect place to the make the best destruction.

NOTE: Try to damage buildings more than the traffic to make the highest score. Get as much explosives on the car as you can.


W,A,S,D: Aim
X: Use Barrel
Spacebar/Z: Fire

How to save the progress in this game?

The game data is saved in the browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all your game progress in the process.

About the game

The game is developed by Xform Games. They are a quality developer who have amazing offerings in the web game space. With this game, They have offered a small but endless game where you have to destroy as much as you can to make the highest score. It is really fun and you get to compete with the best in the world.



Burnin' Rubber Cartapult
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Crazy Visuals!
Stunning city and optimized gameplay. Play this game only on TopSpeed.com.
Burnin' Rubber Cartapult
- image 1045116
Destroy The City!
Simple target of the game to make the most damage.
Burnin' Rubber Cartapult
- image 1045117
Stunning Gameplay!
Amazing VFX and graphics as you make the most damage.
Burnin' Rubber Cartapult
- image 1045118
Easy Controls That Are Hard To Master!
Simple controls but the dropping of the car is the hard part to master.
Burnin' Rubber Cartapult
- image 1045119
Addictive Game!
Shooting down buildings and traffic cars to make the highest score, Sounds fun?

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