Apocalypse Drive

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Take the apocalypse head on in various cars with powerful weapons as you make your way through four different worlds. With a hint of realism you’ll have to keep track of your fuel and ammunition because you only have a limited amount of each. The goal is to get as far in each level as possible, but as you play, you’ll earn cash that you can use to upgrade your vehicle, including the number of bullets and amount of fuel you’re able to carry, so you can go further and further. Beat each world to unlock the next and don’t be afraid to spend money to buy a new vehicle if you don’t like the one you’ve started with.

How to Play Apocalypse Drive Unblovked

Start of by choosing whether you want to play locally or online. The gameplay is the same, but if you choose locally, your game’s progress is saved in your browser’s cache and it could be lost if someone clears your browser cache or if you try to play from a different computer. If you choose online mode, you’ll be asked to log in, but you’ll be able to continue your game from, quite literally, anywhere in the world. Once you’ve made this choice, you can choose your vehicle. Until you’ve played for a bit and earned some cache, you’ll be stuck with an old station wagon, but once you have enough you can buy something new or spend all that money to make the station wagon go further and be more powerful. Keep playing and upgrading until you’re able to beat the first world, then move onto the next.


  • Arrows – Control Vehicle
  • K: Nitros
  • P: Pause
  • C: Camera
  • Space: Fire
  • M: Mute