Around The World Parking

Around the World Parking is a challenging online car parking game that will put your parking skills to the test. It’s one of the best online games of its kind on the Internet. Take control of a sports car but don’t try to go fast with it.

Your challenge is to fit your car in tight parking spaces. Do it fast and you get a higher score. Do it slow and you’re going to want to redo the challenge all over again.

There are ten levels in the game with each level having two parking spot challenges. Once you reach Level 3, a new car will be available to play and once you hit Level 6, another new car will be available to play.

Work your way up the ranks by parking your cars cleanly and seamlessly. Take the challenge of Around the World Parking and take up the title of ace car parker.

How to Play

- * Click “Play” on the main menu screen to get started
- * Read the game’s instructions before you play the game
- * There are three cars to choose from. Your first car is an “Audi RS,” though it looks a lot like the R8. Once you hit Level 3, you can graduate to what looks like a Chevrolet Corvette, and once you hit Level 6, you can move up to a souped-up version of the Lamborghini Murcielago
- * Like most parking games, Around the World Parking revolves around the objective of parking your car at designated spots in each level. Follow the marked arrows to those parking spots and try to park your car as fast as you can without incurring any damage
- * You start each level with a health of 40. That number drops every time you hit a car or an object. Once it reaches zero, you’ll have to restart the level.
- * The game comes with 20 Hard parking spots, divided into 10 levels. Each level comes with two parking spot challenges
- Be sure not to go too fast. Turning corners in the game can be tricky, and it can lead to you hitting a car.
- * Finish all 10 levels quickly and proclaim yourself an ace parking champion


- * Up arrow to accelerate
- * Left arrow to lean left
- * Right arrow to lean right
- * Down arrow to reverse
- * Space bar to handbrake and make your car slide

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