Boat Rescue


Your city has been flooded after a major natural disaster, and there are people everywhere needing to be rescued. Pilot your boat around the city buildings and debris to pick up those in need. Once you pick them up, you must take them back to the big rescue boat so that they can the help they need. The trick is to pick up and deliver each person in the time allotted or you’ll fail your mission. Can you beat all eight levels and save everyone in the city? We know you can, so play Boat Rescue unblocked today!

How to Play Boat Rescue?

There are eight levels to unlock, but you have to beat one level to unlock another. Control you boat and avoid buildings and other obstacles as you navigate your way to the people you need to rescue. You must pick up and drop of each person within the allotted time or you’ll have to start over again.


  • Forward: W or Up
  • Brakes \ Backward: S or Down
  • Left: A or Left
  • Right: D or Right

Note that your boat will only turn while you’re on the throttle, so if you let off the throttle and try to turn, you’ll keep going straight.

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