Buggy Rider

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Battle other drivers in Buggy Rider! Race around the world in different tracks, and unlock up to eight (8) exciting buggy cars in this unique driving game! Each buggy car you unlock has its own different type of specialty, be if speed, braking, power, or a general all-rounder.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive, and space to handbrake.


  • Click on choose car
  • After selecting a buggy, click on Choose Level
  • Select your track. Optional: Pick your difficulty, which is set to easy by default


  • W / Up Arrow - Accelerate
  • S / Down Arrow - Brake
  • A / Left Arrow - Turn Left
  • D / Right Arrow - Turn Right
  • C - Change camera view
  • ESC - Game menu
  • SPACE - Handbrake


  • Buggy cars are more lighter and faster than normal cars, so adjust your playstyle accordingly
  • Practice those turns to ensure you stay on top of the race
  • The eight buggy cars have different stats and playstyles, so find one that suits you the best!