Burnout Drift 3: Seaport Max


Returning in the third installment of the franchise, Burnout Drift 3: Seaport Max raises the bar by bringing you to the Port! Drift around the crates and industry machines, in day or night!

Your goal is to get as many points within the time limit and use those points to build up your cash! The more cash you have, the more customizations you can do to your car, and even buy new ones!

Drive with other players in the multiplayer mode as you compete with others to see who can do the most drift points!


  • Click Play on the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Choose a car then click on Go on the center
  • Select from Single or Multi
  • Select from Day or Night


  • W / UP ARROW - Accelerate
  • S / DOWN ARROW - Brake or Reverse
  • A / LEFT ARROW - Left drift
  • D / RIGHT ARROW - Right Drift
  • C - Change camera view
  • Spacebar - Handbrake
  • Mouse - Drag to move the camera angle


  • Try not to hit the environment around you as it will reset the drift points you have been earning
  • You earn drift points when you hit a minimum speed limit, so slow drift turns do not count towards your score
  • The longer you drift, the higher your multiplier rises, which can tremendously increase your high score
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