City Car Driving Simulator 3

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City Car Driving Simulator 3 feels like a recreation of the original Driver on PlayStation, and you’ll get to drive some awesome muscle and sports cars while you try to evade the police. With five different game modes, there’s always something interesting to do and you’ll definitely enjoy all 8 cars. You’ll have to earn money or drive a lot to unlock the coolest and fastest cars, but you can customize the way your car looks extensively, so you can make it your own – it won’t even cost you for the customization! Beware, the cops are brutal, though, and you need to be a good driver to keep them at bay.

How to Play City Car Driving Simulator 3?

When you start City Car Driving Simulator 3, you’ll get to choose between two different muscle cars. The first thing you want to do is press the “Garage” Button then press “Customize” button and make your car look as cool as you want. Once you’re done, press the select button. With your car customized, you can press the “Drive” button where you’ll choose from five different game modes. Survival puts you at the start of a chase right away, but opens up the opportunity to earn a lot of money if you can keep the police at bay. The other game modes are fun too, but all offer their own unique mode of play and earnings, so be sure to check them all out!


- * W/Up arrow – Accelerate
- * S/Down arrow – Brake
- * A/Left arrow – Turn left
- * D/Right arrow – Turn right
- * I – Start engine
- * Space – eBrake
- * F – Nitro
- * C – Change camera
- * G – Slow motion
- * L – Low beam lights
- * K – High beam lights
- * Q/E – Indicator/blinker lights
- * Shift – Gear up

How To Unlock the Fastest Car In City Car Driving Simulator 3?

The fastest car in City Car Driving Simulator 3 unblocked is the Dodge Viper police car, but you’ll have to earn either $150,000 or rack up 150km to unlock it. Other great options include two generations of the Ford Mustang, or a third-generation Chevy Camaro cop car! To unlock the cars, simply click on the “Garage” button from the main menu, scroll to the car you want to unlock, then click the “Buy for” button – you can choose to use KM that you’ve driven or money you’ve earned- the choice is yours.

What’s the Fastest Way to Make Money in City Car Driving Simulator 3?

You can make money in Survival, Trailblazer, Gateway, and Pursuit modes, but so far, we’ve had the best look earning money quickly in Trailblazer mode. If you can avoid the police right away, and drive without crashing, you can make quite a bit of money in one round by playing survival, but we suggest you get your skills up first, as it’s one of the harder modes in the game.

How to Save Your Progress in City Car Driving Simulator 3?

Your progress in City Car Driving Simulator 3 is automatically saved with every round you play, so you’ll always be able to come back and play again without having to start over!