Crazy Cabbie puts you in the driver seat of a taxi as you try to navigate a long road littered with cars that are in your way. There are no overtaking maneuvers in this game; you either have to swerve clear of these cars or jump over them entirely.

Be careful not to hit the vehicles that are in your way. The slightest bump causes your taxi to slow down, costing you precious time in the game.

You also need to make sure that you go past the flags that are planted on the side of the road. Doing so adds valuable time on the clock, ensuring that you can drive longer on your way to achieving a top score.

Post a top score and try to beat it! Crazy Cabbie is one of the more addicting games in our library. Once you start, it’s very difficult to stop jumping over and steering clear of all these cars!

How to Play

  • Click “Start” on the main menu screen and the instructions screen
  • Drive down the long stretch of road and try to avoid all the parked cars in your path
  • You can either jump over these cars or steer away from them. Avoid hitting them because your taxi stops when you do and yowls valuable time because of it
  • Try to go past the flags that are planted on the side of the road to earn extra time
  • Earn a high score by going further in the game


  • UP arrow key to accelerate
  • DOWN arrow key to reverse
  • LEFT arrow key to steer left
  • RIGHT arrow key to steer right
  • Spacebar to jump
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