Derby Crash 2

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Drive through the desert with more cars to use in Derby Crash 2, including a freaking Tank! With more cars at your disposal, crashing into others has never been this fun! Customize the environment to your imagination with the terrain editor, and have fun driving into others!

Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive, Space to brake, T to toggle slow-mo, and C to change camera angles.


  • Wait for the game to load, then click on Play Now
  • Click on Next or Prev on the top left to switch cars
  • Click on Terraform to edit the environment


Drive Mode

  • W / UP
  • S / DOWN
  • A / LEFT
  • D / RIGHT
  • SPACEBAR - Handbrake
  • Return - Unflip the car
  • C - Change camera
  • R - Repair
  • T - Timeframe

Terraform Mode

  • WASD - Move camera
  • Spacebar + WASD - Move-in XY
  • Hold Shift - Lock Camera Rotation
  • 1 to 9 - Paint Terrain


  • When using the Tank, press the ESC button to see the mouse cursor.
  • Toggle the Slow-Mo (T) to have better control in tricky turns.
  • Don’t forget to press Return if you’re in a tight spot to restore your car back to normal.