Don’t Get Caught

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Don’t Get Caught is a super fun and addicting game that has you running from the cops and drifting around a big open field trying to collect cash. As you drive and drift around the map, the cops will try to run into you. You can get hit once, but if they hit you again, you’ve been caught. The good news is that as you collect money, it adds up in your bank and you can use that cheddar to buy new cars. There is no winning or losing in this game, just unlimited and infinite fun.

How to Play Don’t Get Caught?

All you have to do is drive your car and avoid the cops. It sounds easy, but it’s more difficult that you might think. The loner you survive and the more money you collect, the closer you’ll get to buying cooler cars to run from the police in.


Use the arrow keys to turn left or right. There is no braking, and acceleration is automatic.

How to Unlock New Cars in Don’t Get Caught Unblocked?

If you want to unlock the fastest car in Don’t Get Caught unblocked, don’t even bother. The car you start with is the fastest. However, it’s also the weakest. To unlock new cars, you’ll need to collect money with each play. When you have enough, you can buy a new car:

  • Muscle Car: $200
  • Pickup Truck: $500
  • Van: $1000
  • Monster Car: $2000

Enter the cars menu by clicking on the car and garage in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. From there, you can cycle left and right through the available cars.