Drag Race 3D


Drag Race 3D is a fun cartoonish drag racing game that puts you in the driver’s seat with a third-person view of your car. Unlike other online car racing games or online browser games, you actually get to see the drag race happen from behind instead of from the side. Drag Race 3D Unblocked is powered by HTML 5 so you can play it on almost any device as long as you have a modern browser.

How to Play Drag Race 3D?

Drag Race 3D is super easy to play, but it’ll test your skills. Star the race by pressing the gas button. Press and hold the gas button and keep your engine speed in the green for the perfect launch. After the race starts, press the up shift paddle (on the right) to shift up, but be sure you upshift at the right time when the engine is in the green zone – too early and you’ll accelerate slower, too late and you’ll fall behind and lose the race. You can also click on the nitrous button for a little bit of extra speed when you need it the most

How to Upgrade Cars in Drag Race 3D?

Click on the engine, transmission or nitrous buttons at the bottom of the screen to see how much it will cost to upgrade your car. Engine upgrades will increase your car’s horsepower, transmission upgrades will improve your top speed, and nitrous upgrades will make your nitrous and boosted acceleration last longer. The are multiple tiers for each upgrade, with each one getting more expensive.

How To Get New Cars in Drag Race 3D?

There are a total of 10 cars in Drag Race 3D, but you’ll have to earn money and buy each one of them. The first car you can buy is the Marano, and it’ll cost you $21,000. The best car, and also the fastest car, in the game is $371,000. [/a[

Can I Save My Progress in Drag Race 3D

Your browser’s cache will automatically save your progress, so you can always pickup where you left off. However, if you have to clear your browser cache for any reason, you will lose your progress. We recommend using a different browser just for our online games so you never run the risk of losing your progress.

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