Drag Racing Club


Drag Racing Club is a free-to-play online drag racing game with 25 different cars, all of which can be customized and upgraded to your own style and taste. You’ll start out with an entry-level car, and after the first race, you’ll be able to upgrade your nitrous kit and win more races. You can paint different parts of your car in different colors, but each of these will cost you, just like the upgrades. Don’t forget to save money as you race so you can upgrade to newer and better cars. Drag Racing Club unblocked is on of the best side-scrolling drag racing games out there, and we’re positive that you’ll love it.

How to Play Drag Racing Club?

Your first race in Drag Racing Club is a simple tutorial that shows you the basic controls. Before the race starts, click on the gas pedal and continue clicking to keep the tachometer needle in the green zone – this will give you the perfect launch. As you’re racing, be sure to hit the upshift paddle whenever the needle enters the green zone again. Launch or shifting outside of the green zone will slow you down and, potentially, cost you the race. If you have a nitrous kit installed, be sure to press the button at the right time to give you an edge when you need it the most.

How To Get The Fastest Car in Drag Racing Club?

If you want the fastest car in Drag Racing Club Unblocked, you’ll need to save up $330,000, and after you get it, you’ll need to earn more money if you want to upgrade it and make it faster. It will take some time, but if you buy cars and upgrade them just right, you can earn enough to score the fastest car fairly quickly- just be careful not to over-tune your car and spend more money than necessary.

How To Save Progress in Drag Racing Club

You progress is automatically saved in Drag Racing Club, so every time you come back to play on topspeed.com, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

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