Evo F2

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EVO F2 is the sequel to the fun stunt game EVO F, and now you can get behind the wheel of some amazing cars like the Ferrari 488 or Audi R8, among many others. Drive around a vast map with descent graphics and fun, somewhat realistic graphics as you make jumps dodge cars, and simply destroy your car just to repair it on the spot and do it all over again. Switch between the various cars as you see fit with the buttons at the top of the screen and see what you can do about repairing that old truck!


  • 3D vehicle simulator game
  • Realistic physics with high-speed sports cars
  • Plenty of vehicle options, including construction vehicles, such as excavator, forklift, and a big semi-trailer truck
  • A broken truck to repair
  • Slow-motion camera
  • Playable in fullscreen

How to Play Evo F2?

Simply drive around, hit some cool jumps, and enjoy driving as wrecklessly as you can without suffering any consequences. When your car is damaged and hard to drive, just press the “R” key to repair it to new condition and keep driving. There are no scores to pile up or tracks to unlock, just endless hours of crazy driving, stunts, and fun.


  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Space bar to use handbrake
  • C to change camera view
  • R to repair
  • T to use the time frame
  • U to arm up
  • J to arm down
  • I to fork up
  • K to fork down