Evo F3

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If you loved Evo and Evo F2, then Evo F3 is going to make your day. You get to drive around in some amazing cars in the secure and off-limits area of a massive airport. Cruise around as fast as you can, drag race airplanes, or hit those mobile staircases to catch some serious airtime. You can even customize and tune your car in the northern-most hangar so you can experiment with what setup fits your style best.

Cars in Evo F3

  • Chevy Corvette
  • Ferrari 488 GTB
  • Porsche 911 GT3
  • Jaguar Project 7
  • Fork-lift truck
  • Airport shuttle bus

How to Play Evo F4

Evo F3 comes with simplified controls compared to previous EVO games, and that makes it not only easier but also more fun to play. There is no scoring system or currency to earn, so all you have to worry about is hauling ass and having fun in the secure area of an airport where most of us rarely get to go. Head over to the northern-most hangar to repair, repaint, or tune your car.


  • Accelerate: W or Up
  • Brake: S or Down
  • Turn Left: A or Left
  • Turn Right: D or Right
  • Handbrake: Space
  • Change Camera: C
  • Slow Time: T
  • Arm Up: U
  • Arm Down: J
  • Fork Up: I
  • Fork Down: K