Evo F4

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The fourth installment of the EVO car game series has arrived and it’s better than ever. Featuring the new CSDrive physics engine, the physics and driving experience are more realistic than ever, while the car selection has changed dramatically. You can pick between a desert-slaying dune buggy, a semitruck that you can attach a trailer to, a BMW i8, and even a fork lift. This time around, you’re in a desert, and the world is downright massive, so there’s all kinds of stuff and places to explore. If you want to drive that old, beaten up car, by the way, load the forklift onto the semi, head over to it, load it onto the truck, and bring it back to the garage for repair.

How to Play Evo F4?

There are no scores to beat, money to earn, or anything of the like in Evo F4 unblocked. Outside of racing around and having fun in various vehicles, you could say that you main goal is to collect the broken down roadster and repair it at the garage. Once you learn the controls, though, and think about how to do it, you’ll be able to get the old hooptie running in no time.


  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • C to change camera view
  • R to repair damaged vehicles
  • Enter to reset car
  • T to slow time
  • U and J to control the arm
  • I and K to control the fork