Extreme Asphalt Car Racing

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Extreme Asphalt Car Racing Is a fun and free-to-play car racing game without all the drama. Pick your car, upgrade it if you like, and race until your heart is content on different tracks and different styles of races. With each race, you’ll win coins that you can use to upgrade your starter car or buy even faster and cooler cars. The best part is that the controls are very simple, so all you have to do is focus on steering, using your nitro boosters at the proper time, and outdriving your opponents. This game can be played as a single player or multiplayer game, so don’t hesitate to get your friends in on the action too!

How to Play Extreme Asphalt Car Racing?

You’’ start out in Extreme Asphalt Car Racing unblocked with the slowest car and just $1000, so there’s no since in trying to upgrade or try to buy a new car just yet. Start off by clicking on track selection and choose whether you want to player in single player mode or in online multiplayer mode. From here you can choose between the following game modes:
- * Circuit: Your basic circuit race. All you have to do is complete a certain number of laps and come in first place.
- * Lap KO: Lap KO removes the racer in last place after each lap. When there are only two people left the winner of that final lap wins the race.
- * Ghost: In Ghost mode, you’ll race against a “ghost car” that is, basically, how you or someone else drove in previous races.
- * Speed Trap: In speed trap, you have to pass certain parts of the track as fast as you possibly can. The person with the highest average at the end of the race wins.
- * Check point: In check point races, you have to get from check point to check point as quickly as possible. If you miss the checkpoint, you fail. The person that hits all checkpoints the fastest and without running out of time wins the race.


- * Turn left: Left arrow (or tilt phone left)
- * Turn Right: Right arrow (or tilt phone right)
- * Brake: Down arrow (or brake button on your screen)
- * Nitro booster: Shift Key (or the nitro button on your screen
- * Acceleration is handled automatically by the game.