Figure 8 drift practice

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How to play Figure 8 Drift:

Use the keyboard arrows to steer your car and apply power. You can also use space bar to apply e-brake.
Use your mouse wheel to adjust zoom.

What is a Figure 8 drift?

Driving in a Figure 8 pattern consists of driving your vehicle around 2 small obstacles far enough from each other, so that you can drive behind each of them and cross-sides in between them. You will end up driving on a path forming the number eight.

What is the goal of this game?

The goal is to master the art of drifting in a small confined environment and be able to go around the 2 obstacles, in figure eight, while maintaining a constant drift and creating the cleanest number eight.

How can I achieve the best figure-eight drift?

You have to counter-steer your car skillfully but do not underestimate how gas pedal input can influence the car behavior. The hand brake can save you from hitting walls but releasing and punching the gas pedal will give you more controllable drifts. You will need to anticipate the turn as much as reacting to the car input. The car is very powerful and carry a lot of momentum. Practice and practice some more to be a drift master.

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