Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang

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If you’re away from your console and are missing Grand Theft Auto, then you have to check out Grand Action Crim: New York Car Gang. It’s basically a clone of GTA with good graphics, cool cars, and a huge 3D city to explore and exploit as you see fit. You start out with nothing – no money, no car, no home, but you can earn money to buy cars, weapons, and even upgrade your character. If you have a decent computer, you can even turn up the graphics quality for a better playing experience. Just like in GTA V, you can steal cars, take on the cops, kill people, and take on enemy gangs. You can even steal and F-90 tank or crazy attack helicopter.

How to Play Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang

You’ll need to learn a lot of keyboard controls to get the full experience of Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang. You’re free to steal cars, take on rival gangs, and fight it out with the public or police if you wish. Meet up with tank and start your career in crime, but be mindful of how much cash you have so you can buy weapons, and pay attention to your health as you can die if you’re not careful.

Basic Controls

  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • T: open nearby garage
  • Left click: shoot or punch
  • Space bar: jump
  • Left shift: run
  • X: switch weapon
  • F: open car
  • R: open nearby shop
  • G: grenade
  • Z: switch grenade
  • C: switch vehicle camera

Garbage Truck Controls

  • Pitchfork up: Z
  • Pitchfork down: X
  • Dump start: Q
  • Dump end: E
  • Lift container: space bar

How to Buy Weapons in Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang?

To buy weapons, first you’ll need to earn some cash. If you’re not interested in finding tank and jumping into missions right away, you can start fights on the street. Each person you fight and win will earn you $25. Just remember that guns and armor aren’t cheap. Here’s the pricing layout:

  • Armor: $150
  • Pistol: $200
  • Revolver: $300
  • CQ16 Sub-Machine Gun: $800
  • Carbine Assault Rifle (AR15): $1,400
  • QK47 (AK47): $1,300
  • Sawed-Off Shot Gun: $1,200
  • Minigun: $15,000
  • RPG8 (Rocket Launcher): $10,000
  • Flame Thrower: $800
  • 5X Grenades: $100
  • 5X Molotov: $60

How to Save Your Progress in Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang?

Your progress in Grand Action Crim: New York Car Gang is saved automatically in your browser’s cache. As long as you don’t clear your browser cache or play from a different browser, you’ll be able to play and build progress for as long as you want. To prevent accidentally losing your game save on a shared computer, we recommend using and installing your own browser.